International youth competition of scientific and creative works «Horizon-2100»'21

The main purpose of the Competition is to motivate thinking youth from different countries with an active lifestyle to carry out a creative search for scientific, scientific-practical ideas, hypotheses, and sci-fi ideas about the distant future; identify the best gifted and active young people who are passionate and capable of scientific creativity, analysis and forecasting of the future.

International youth competition of scientific and creative works «Horizon-2100»'20
International youth competition of scientific and creative works «Horizon-2100»'19

The Center for Modeling the Future continues the implementation of the international youth project "HORIZON 2100". Over the past years, its participants, experts, jury members and organizers were representatives of 42 countries on all continents.


Young people from any country, of any nationalities aged 16 to 26 are invited.

IMPORTANT! The time of severe trials and shocks for all mankind, associated with the pandemic and its economic and social consequences, continues. On January 15, 2021, UN Secretary General António Guterres issued a statement: “Our world has crossed another tragic milestone: The Covid-19 pandemic has already claimed two million lives. (at the time of the opening of the competition, according to world statistical agencies, the total number of deaths from coronavirus infection in the world was already 2,551,354 people) Behind this truly staggering number are names and faces: a smile that has become only a memory; forever empty chair at the dinner table; a room in which the silence of a loved one echoes. " "We all have to learn serious lessons from this crisis ... But there is one important fact that is beyond doubt - the world was not ready for this."

For this reason, in 2021, the organizers of the competition will welcome works in which participants will present their solutions aimed at overcoming possible future pandemics and building human resilience to possible future challenges.

Nominations of the Competition «HORIZON 2100»’21

For the best scientific article, research, scientific-practical work, reflecting the scientific vision of the future of the planet and humanity at the turn of 2100 and the prospects for the development of various scenarios,

For the best Sci-fi work - sci-fi story, essay, reportage, journalism, etc. describing imaginary innovative and original ideas, fantastic events, phenomena, processes and future prospects at the turn of the year 2100, giving them a scientific explanation,

and also offering the best solutions aimed at:
- reducing the vulnerability of humanity in the face of future pandemics;
- creation of prerequisites and mechanisms in any spheres for the development and strengthening of mankind's resilience to possible future challenges;
- the formation of a future in which the authors of the works would like to live on their own, and which, in their opinion, will meet the needs of the present and the needs of future generations.

Competition is carried out according to the following profile directions:


Materials must be received by May 31, 2021.
The works of the winners in each profile area (I, II, III places) will be presented on the Internet at:
The main prize-the title of GRAND PRIX-is awarded to the best participant in each of the categories.
All participants will receive a certificate in PDF format.
Diplomas will be awarded to all winners.

Term of the competition and planed events:
— Acceptance of works: March 1 - May 31 (inclusive).
— Examination of works - from June 1 to July 15.
— Summing up the results of the Competition, determining the works-finalists who took the prize I, II, III places and announcing the winners - July 16-20.
— The International Youth Forum "FUTURE IMAGE THAT WE WANT: FORESIGHT 2100", where the winners will be awarded, is scheduled for August 23-26, 2021. However, it is possible to postpone the forum for - September - October. Confirmation of the exact data on the holding of the Forum will be announced after the situation with the opening of borders and the lifting of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic is clarified.

To submit a work for the competition, read the Terms of participation, Directions of the competition - 2021, Recommendations for the design of SCIENTIFIC AND SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL WORKS and Recommendations for the design of SCIENCE FICTION WORKS, please follow the link:

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