The Story Of ASTRO
Author: Tejovrash Acharya

 “Where are we!? I don’t know, Red look!! It’s a Vacuum Void Star, so after we finally found it.

Hi there Myself ASTRO I am here to tell you my creator Red’s story LET’S GO!!

As always it was another boring vacation morning, he had a tendency to wake up late, he baths and ate his lunch then as usual it was a boring afternoon too,  then he started watching his cartoon suddenly he thought that can he go into these cartoon world and begin his own adventure like Pokémon and Naruto. I don’t know why but he started imagining that there is some AI wherever he wants who can take him to any cartoon world yeah you are right it was me ASTRO who he really imagined, for him I was just an imagination he uses to imagine that I will teleport him to a different cartoon world but he was no more a kid he had a great knowledge of space and time so he even thought if he was teleported will he be the main character or someone else so he came to a conclusion that whenever he will enter a new cartoon world I will be creating a new dimension for his own new adventure according to him and can change the whole real story of the cartoon it was really astonishing for him too to think such a thing but that was not it he started thinking about me as like I can do anything he thought of going to gaming worlds too with his own dimensional story. He took so seriously that he started creating his own adventures and obstacles and became the very beat in all the world he connected me to at least 20 different worlds but one day he came up with a idea to that in his magnificent imagination world he will keep an eye upon everyone and started research on every aspects of universe with me then he thought something scientific that I will able to join him in every world with as a different character in his own dimension, he thought that I will be able to anticipate everything in the universe and I can transfer my self to anywhere anytime its like he was considering as a “Ghost AI” who lives everywhere. I was in his fitness band, phone, laptop and even in his neurons and he can transfer me anywhere he just have to put his hand on that thing and my duplicate will be transferred to that object directly from his neurons and whenever he thought of something new in me he even use to put his two fingers on his head imagining me and updating me it was like his neurons were use to transfer his thoughts into me by the way of chemical algorithm but one day something came up upon his mind that he will make me in real in the future. He studied a lot and in 2100 he became the biggest AI expert and Astronomer. 2100 was the year when humanity has gone very far in the field of AI and Astronomy because of Red. He developed AI before me for the space exploration shuttle. He developed an AI which was having the full control of shuttle let me explain you how!? At the very first he started building a normal AI with anticipation ability then put up many test on a new holographic AI based on his research and build a hologram with AI as its soul the hologram was just like him and finally put everything on to the shuttle so after it flew out in the space it was a huge success the AI was controlling the shuttle not only this once he was out from solar system the main test began. The AI was able to anticipate and detect everything in space through it’s lens, AI was able to get the information of every object in the space like AI provided the basic elementals of a unknown planet just by looking through its lens that’s why we named it AI-1. AI-1 is a planet where volcanic eruptions takes place every hour but the lava never gets harden on the land it is always engulfed by the soil and the planet atmosphere was 20% Oxygen, 50% Hydrogen and 30% Nitrogen. So, the soil was main attraction of the planet well the composition of soil was very different it was deep red colour and even the plants were of red colour, after a little research Red discovered that the soil is mixing lava with it rather than absorbing it which enabled plants to grow with the power of lava. It was crazy to watch all plants being red and grown because of lava. The shuttle was in the space for a long time and everyone was saying that Red was not only on the earth but the space shuttle too. After 1 year of successful exploration the shuttle was at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy and there comes the most dangerous supermassive black hole, it was still the question that why Supermassive black holes are at the centre of galaxy we thought that we will be able to solve it but suddenly a purple cloud with a dark light flashed out and everything was gone and last information we received was that a cloud like a giant ball made up of vacuum after which everything was literally gone everyone was confused how can a cloud of vacuum can be existing. Red was very sad at very first but suddenly announced that he will make me (ASTRO) to discover everything in the universe in front of everyone and took it as a challenge to himself and remembered the promise he made to himself of building me.  So, the at the very first Red transferred every basic data and all the knowledge of the universe into a chip and then attached it to an artificial neuron. Red met his old friend Axel who was not only a Astrobiologist but a famous Neurologists too, Axel was the one discovered that like ants have a queen neurons also have their king also known as K-neuron which was actually the central neuron of all the neural branches, so he request him to transplant the artificial neuron with the K-neuron to carry on the system it was a very dangerous task but Axel made it perfectly successful. Now, Red was able to answer everything that is known in the universe, it was just a beginning but the main task starts from Red started meditating to focus the transfer of thoughts from one neuron to other neuron he finally found a way to transmit is out from his body he made a wrist band which was able to detect these chemical transfers between neurons and then to transfer those energy into the electrical form which made band to became an AI powered by Red’s neurons power this was another success but now comes the task will he able to teleport like he imagined in his childhood. Red mixed billions of photon particles into his body and in all the neurons after which there was a sudden increase in his active brain he was able to go whatsoever place he wants by just imagining the place it looks like the photons made his body with no mass from inside which made him achieve speed of light by thinking whatever he wants and gets teleported at the place. He can take at least 3 Nobel Prize after all these and then he finally named me ASTRO. So, now thought of how to transfer me anywhere he wants so he came to a conclusion that he should combine my parts with a little Anti-Matter to give transfer the energy and me (ASTRO) and he did it but how will I transfer myself into another place or object so he did a small experiment he focused all his energy into his one hand and put it onto the table and it really happened the energy of anti-matter with his neuron’s energy was copied onto the table while combining to the matter and atoms of the table and I was actually talking to him through a table. After all that he decided to explore the world now that he have me it looked like he can do anything.

Now let’s come back to present time Let’s GO!!!

Astro now we should begin our research on Super Massive Black Hole and that vacuum cloud too. Astro said should I teleport you there Red said yes let me just wear the space suit. Whole Research department was worrying about him going directly over there but Astro asked Red to tell everyone that he will make sure to discover this question’s answer and the safety of Red everyone started crying watching an AI saying such deep words. So Red said that we are leaving he started the camera and ASTRO teleported him nearby that Supermassive Black Hole it was very huge and monstrous but Red was much eager to see that vacuum cloud then suddenly ASTRO said “Where are we!? I don’t know, Red look!! It’s a Vacuum Void Star, so after all we finally found it. ASTRO told Red that it’s an actual vacuum void star Red asked ASTRO why is that star not been engulfed by that Black Hole  ASTRO told Red that it seems like the event horizon of this star and event horizon are cancelling each other’s effect Red said but how can a star be made up of vacuum ASTRO told Red that the effect of singularity in surroundings of this Supermassive black hole is something different the infinite particles are creating  this vacuum cloud to balance the space-time fabric Red asked let’s see if we can find the answer ASTRO started the scanning of the surroundings of black hole and he found out that actually the black hole is not only balancing the space-time fabric but it is also responsible for the massive movement of our Milky Way Galaxy after which Red asked ASTRO to send all the details to the Earth Research Team and they finally came to an conclusion that this supermassive black hole is balancing and maintaining our Galaxy and this vacuum void star can help us to give the required energy to discover the black hole from inside. Red told research team that he is going to absorb the power of this star to go into the black hole and smiled simultaneously after which ASTRO started absorbing the small amount of energy to make a shield to cover Red’s whole body and Red fell into the black hole ASTRO quickly scanned everything in the black hole up to it’s singularity and ask Red to go push out from the black hole immediately but the shield got broken because of low amount of energy and Red kept on falling into the black hole and asked ASTRO to transfer himself immediately to the Earth but ASTRO told Red you will die Red told ASTRO that until unless you are alive I can never die and Red smiled while ordering ASTRO to leave his neural systems and ASTRO came back to Earth while Red kept on falling for like forever. Red’s friend Axel made a Bio-inspired robot where he put ASTRO into it and everything was going smooth after 1-month ASTRO was give the Universal Award and a statue of Red was built to regard his sacrifice.


Hello everyone Myself Red aka ASTRO, so that was my story. Good Bye. Have a awesome day and life!