My dear reader!
To begin with, I will say a few words about myself. I was born in an ordinary family, after a while there were health problems that significantly affected my future life. However, this did not prevent me from going to kindergarten, then to a normal and art school, then to enter the institute. Even at school, I started trying to write.
You will probably be interested to know how this story appeared. When I was studying at various educational institutions, I was constantly faced with the fact that, due to my illness, I often had to visit hospitals. I then thought, how will medicine and healthcare change for people in the future? Will everything be the same, or will it make a leap forward, changing not only the ways of treating the disease, but also provide new opportunities in the treatment and prevention of diseases? Will there be any new solutions for the development of medicine and healthcare? How will the person himself change in this case?
When I wrote the work, I set out to see how medicine could change, what new things would appear in it and how it would affect the development of mankind, in which direction: progress or regression? Will he be able to solve the problems posed? While writing, I had to face the fact that many facts about the development of medicine, treatment and prevention of diseases with the help of scientific inventions are little popularized among the population, as well as the fact that the future of humanity is difficult to predict, looking at the situation in the modern world.
Personally, I myself expect the reader to understand that after reading he will think about whether the development of medicine is always justified, however, let the reader judge and draw conclusions for himself.

There was a click and three more people appeared on the busy street, appearing as if from nowhere. None of the surrounding people paid any attention to them, everyone went about their business.
- Teleportation was successful (What is teleportation and where it is already used | RBC Trends ( ))?"What is it?" asked a tall man with sharp features, who differed from his companions in that he was dressed in gray clothes that shone with a white light.
- Yes, thank you. Where should we go? a dark-haired elderly woman answered, holding the hand of a pale, thin teenage girl.
- In this direction - the interlocutor waved his hand in the direction of a tall building towering above them in the form of a double spiral.- Follow me, I'll take you inside, they are already waiting for you there.
They walked through the bustling metropolis, people scurried back and forth, people appeared somewhere surrounded by bluish light - so they teleported.
Among the crowd, one could see that there were no children and teenagers, only adults filled the city with bustle at lunchtime.
The gate in the form of a DNA spiral silently opened, allowing people to enter the building.
As far as the eye could see, lush greenery stretched around, as if embracing the building. They crossed the picturesque alley and headed for the doors leading into the building.
As soon as they entered the hall, Toby the robot puppy ran up to them (Toby the robot puppy, IR control, executes commands, Russian voice acting - buy Our toy at a discount in the online store ( )), clarified the data, wagging his tail, asked to follow him, calling the office number, asked to sit down and wait for them to be called.
- Hello, Anastasia. Could you tell us how this center came into being? How did it all start?
- Good afternoon. This happened in 2060, as you know, our center is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The prerequisite for the creation of the center was that we were given the task by the Terrestrial Confederation of the planet - to create an organization that was supposed to combine all scientific developments into a single system and jointly study all spheres and areas of human habitation.
-Tell me, on the eve of the anniversary of your center, are there any achievements that you would like to especially celebrate?
- I'm sorry, didn't you understand?
- Our center was named because we created the first vector for the development of a new society of mankind. For example, the center has refined and improved a new accessible environment for the disabled – they are integrated into society as ordinary people, so that there is no social disunity with ordinary people. A number of projects have been developed to improve housing infrastructure, transport, and so on - so that people with disabilities do not feel damaged and do not think that they are not needed by this world. For them, research and development is constantly being conducted to improve their lives – for example, a microchip is implanted in the brain in a zone that is not sufficiently developed – for example, if there are hearing problems, etc.
-Does not the chip fail?
-No. A person is energy (Human energy and its sources (Just Myrica) / ( )) and it powers the chip.
- And what should people do if they lack any limb?
- Our center provides a large selection of various prostheses - bionic prostheses (Bionic prostheses: what are they capable of, and when will we become cyborgs? | RBC Trends ( ) hands and feet, which have been improved for sensitivity, additional functions have been added at the request of the patient, for example, if he needs to implant a phone in his arm, a different set of exoskeletons for the paralyzed (Exoskeleton — Wikipedia ( ) and bionic suits (What is an exoskeleton, and what types of it exist in the present time. | Technologies out of time | Zen ( ).
- Impressive. Tell me, what new has been invented in the biotechnology industry?
- Using methods of genetic engineering (Genetic engineering: what are these, methods, examples, achievements | RBC Trends ( ) ) and with the help of biomedical engineers, biotechnologists to create new tools for decoding the human genome, and thanks to this we can work with the results of DNA tests to know what indicates the presence or risk of hereditary transmission of various genetic diseases or birth defects and conduct tests and experiments looking for ways to cure them (Professions of the future in biotech: what changes to expect in the next decade? (
- Tell me, did you say that you created tools for decoding the human genome, did you find out anything? And that's why the organization has a human DNA symbol?
- Yes, it turned out that an alien code that was found in the genome of extraterrestrial origin (An alien code in human DNA was discovered by scientists — An alternative view of, perhaps this explains why there are so many breakdowns of human DNA - someone else's code could not fully adapt to the earthly conditions of existence.
- Can someone else's code be replaced?
- It's at the experimental stage.
-Tell me, there is reconstructive surgery and medicine in your center, how do you protect patient data?
-We carry out diagnostics using micro sensors, and then the data is sent to the patient's personal cloud, which can only be opened and used by the patient using the code that is on his biotat (Biotat: what is it and how long do henna and glitter tattoos last? How are they made? (
- Is there no risk that other people can find out this code?
- This code is only seen by the patient himself.
The doors opened, and a melodious voice called them inside.
- Patient Lineska Kira Alekseevna is a girl, right? - asked a girl dressed in a white lab coat on which the double DNA sign and blue-green letters -Vector-approx. were barely visible.
"Yes," her mother answered instead.
- Sit down here, please, - the doctor pointed to the chairs next to the computer, turned to the computer, typing data there, asked:
-You were referred to the Center for Reconstructive Surgery and Medicine after a consultation on telemedicine (Telemedicine — Wikipedia ( ) and getting directions to the center, right?
- yes.
- OK, let's have your finger, we will diagnose with the help of micro sensors, do you have a bio tattoo?
The girl pulled up her sleeve to the elbow, a bio tattoo in the form of human DNA was visible on her arm - the doctor attached a wire to it, it lit up red, blinked and went out.
There was a notification sound from the computer and the doctor, after looking at the data from them, reported:
- Your medical card will be sent to your personal secure electronic cloud with your personal bio-tattoo code. Now you will come with me, and mom will sit here, we will come soon, operations in our center are done quickly.
- Tell me, who takes care of patients in your center?
- Robots.
What is the reason for such a strict compliance order on non-disclosure of methods of preparation of medicines and classification of their composition?
— With the fight against terrorism, as you know, our planet was almost destroyed by bioweapons (Biological weapons - Wikipedia ( )), which contained a component of one of the drugs.
- What can you say about the development of stem cells (Stem cells: science fiction or medicine of the near future ( ) ) , work on which was started in 2080?
- With the help of stem cells, we can create any organ, even the most complex - the retina of the eye without using 3D printing (Everything you need to know about 3D printing of human organs - ).In an emergency, we do 3D printing of organs.
- What can you say about clinical medicine now?

- To be honest, it is more aimed at preventing the occurrence of diseases and maintaining health. As you know, the planet is divided into two zones near each city - reserved and working. The working area where we are now; and the protected area, it is also called the territorial recreational system (TRS), where a person rests alone with nature, restoring health and visiting various cultural and historical zones (Lecture 7 - Recreational geography ( ). Basically, you know, clinical medicine is aimed at an inconspicuous presence in a person's life, he wears all sorts of devices, nanoparticles (Nanoparticle — Wikipedia ( )) inside themselves, who collect information and provide him with results about the data; immediately telling him where something is wrong in the body, and there he already contacts telemedicine, doctors give him recommendations for treatment and in which case they can perform the operation remotely with the help of robots or invite him to Vector-approx.
- Let's go - the doctor led Kira through the corridors, which were gradually brought up, soon came to the doors, where the inscription - Reconstructive surgery was emblazoned in large letters.
- Come on, lie down.
UV rays quickly scanned the table as Kira walked towards it.
- Lie still, don't be afraid. Now I will use a robot to perform an operation with augmented reality (Augmented reality has finally come in handy. The operation using AR was successful | GAMES NEWS ☑️ / Zen ( )).
Kira felt a syringe smoothly enter her hand.
The robot quickly and accurately performed the operation by injecting into the tumor area a medicine created from budra (Ivy Budra — Wikipedia ( )), which quickly destroyed the affected cells. Then he injected pills that tightened the cell damage.
The syringe came out of the hand, leaving a small hole in the skin.
- The operation is over. How do you feel? The doctor's concentrated face appeared above her.
- OK. How long was the operation?
- Twenty minutes. Can you stand up? Shall we go?
- Yes.
- Everything is done, everything is fine. The recommendations have already been sent to you, follow them. If you have any questions, please contact telemedicine. Good luck. Goodbye," the doctor informed the mother, at the same time seeing them off.
-What can you say about the acceleration of the pace of life?
- Unfortunately, due to the fact that communication between people began to simplify and the progress of communication means, an increase in the pace of life changed psychiatric pathology. As you understand, man is a social being, and the reduction of communication has affected the surge of mental illnesses - schizophrenia, depression, etc. And in this regard, we had to invent new means of psychopharmacotherapy (Psychopharmacotherapy | it... What is Psychopharmacotherapy? ( ) - drugs for mood correction in humans. Psychiatry itself has changed, it relates, so to speak, to ordinary visits, as for example, at the beginning of the 21st century they went to a therapist, and now they go to a psychiatrist. As for the development of intelligence, it was decided to teach all children lectures remotely; they are taken to work and protected areas for practice, after graduation from schools, they are interviewed about their profession. A year is given for self-knowledge in various fields of activity, and then they already enter higher education institutions. They were also prescribed medications that increase brain activity, such as ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo — Wikipedia ( ). You know the work schedule - everyone on the planet works 4 days a week, people spend all their free time in a protected area where they can engage in self-development, tourism - the territorial recreational system can offer everything to do in their free time.
- What is your attitude to euthanasia? ( Euthanasia — Wikipedia ( )
- It depends on the results of the research and the will of the patient. Such cases are rare nowadays, there have been only two such cases in ten years.
- What do you think about the fact that a person will live forever, is it good for society?
- I think this is not a question for me, but for philosophers, then 124 floor, third door on the left. Any more questions?
- I would still like to hear your opinion on this issue.
- A person will lose the meaning of life.
- Then how can people live for a long time?
-Lead a healthy lifestyle, and eat a little junk food, not on a regular basis. Although now we can predict up to how many years each person will live, people just make a plan how to live life; if of course they express such a desire.
- One more question, do you think the problem with many human diseases has been solved?
- I think we now know how to treat them.

The story of the future has been told, and I think that perhaps someday the solutions I have proposed will come in handy. I think that in the future people will understand that the combination of technology, science and medicine can give a good result with the correct and reasonable use of advanced achievements.
Each of us has his own vision of the future of humanity, I sincerely hope that it will be bright and full of hope for the best development of human civilization.

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