Don't go away gently on this quiet night

In the evening, Linna sat helplessly on the couch at home, looking at the ceiling bored, thinking about what happened today.At school, she was severely criticized by the teacher for her poor composition in poetry.There were also merciless taunts on her part. classmates, and when she returned home, her parents began to persuade her to find a boyfriend again.
She really couldn't think of a way out for an ordinary person like her, she worked hard, but still didn't see her future.
In the quiet and dark room, the news anchor's voice was especially loud: "Company A expects to officially launch metaverse technology in 50 years, and it is currently in the experimental stage..."
Her voice distracted Lin's thoughts by: "Metaverse… If only I could get in, I want to escape from this boring and fucking life."
Lina was looking for news about the metaverse on the Internet and accidentally clicked on a site that had a link, it looks like a questionnaire, and the initiator was an ID with the name "Regulator".With a skeptical attitude, Linna Na filled in her personal information and filled in the last column "Why do you want to enter the Metaverse" to see what another life is like!
The next day, Linna received an anonymous courier.She carefully opened the courier with a knife, and inside was a large glove that looked very delicate in silver-white color. There is also a white paper letter on the glove. It clearly says:
Dear Linna,
Congratulations on being elected as Metaverse Experimenter No. 1009, Our civilian experimenters are only 100 in the world, I hope you can cherish this opportunity If you decide to enter the metaverse world, Then you can use this glove according to the instructions, but keep in mind that any of your actions in the Metaverse will be monitored.
Whatever the consequences, you are solely responsible for them.
Linna was a little excited, and the unknown scared her too, but she didn't care, she wanted something new, she wanted to try, she didn't want boring reality right now.
this evening,
Lina was lying on the bed and put on gloves. She saw a silvery-white three-dimensional space that was gradually being pushed out of the gloves, and there were lines of data that she could not understand. the light before her eyes.When I was there, it seemed to me that I had entered a tunnel, and a mechanical and indifferent voice kept repeating in the tunnel: "Don't leave gently on this good night, Don't leave..."
Linna was very scared to hear such a suggestion in this strange place, she became inexplicable and curious. It was as if she had already heard this phrase and, without really thinking, curiously entered the tunnel entrance and tried to get out through the water-like door, but as soon as she came out, her gloves became transparent.
Before entering, Linna carefully studied the operating instructions.When Linna entered this space of the white cube, she began to turn on the "creative mode", at this time the environment will be built according to the ideas in her head.
First she built herself a magnificent Gothic villa, and then created a huge swimming pool Here Linna was very happy and enjoyed the happiness that luxury brought. And it's good to leave the harsh reality of you alone, isn't it?
She suddenly felt lonely: "I'm at number 1009, so there must be other experimenters here, so I'll definitely try to contact them."
After the observation, Linna activated the second layer from the inner test of the glove, trying to establish a connection with other people, and a signal was connected to her. Suddenly, their space began to connect, and Linna saw a man in a white coat, who, as she guessed, must be a man from the Middle East.
There is a language interaction technology in the Metaverse, and she heard this person say, "Hi, I'm from Oman, nice to meet you."
After some conversation, Linna was surprised that he turned out to be the king of Oman, because there are only 100 ordinary people here. Linna talked to him about the boredom and troubles of life, and the King of Oman talked to her about the helplessness and responsibility of the king.
The next person who spoke to her was the richest person in Barbados, she did not have their far-sighted views, did not have such high wealth and status, but this metaverse space connected them together. Lena found this surprising.
A red light suddenly flashed in the sky, and an alarm sounded from all sides.Linna knew that the battery was dead in the glove, so she hurriedly pressed the exit button on the glove. Linna on the bed suddenly opened her eyes and realized that it was noon the next day.
The notification signal on her mobile phone kept ringing, and the teacher at the school repeatedly asked her why she didn't come to class.
Lina no longer wants to pay attention to things in reality, she is very annoyed now, the Metaverse is eating away at her heart like poppies. She wanted to stay there for the rest of her life, without rules, without pressure, without restrictions and get everything she wanted, but she knew it was impossible.
She forced herself to calm down, and suddenly realized the meaning of the poem "Don't go away gently on that good night," that is, not Tony, not Tony. All that I have just experienced is nothing but the moon in the sea, a flower in the mirror.
What's the point of being in a dream forever? Although reality is unbearable, after a dream it can only be doubly cruel. If this is a world without rules and restrictions, do I really need such a world?
Lina wanted it to be a great place to relax and meet personal needs, not an abyss for escapism.
She has already sorted out her mood and started writing her dissertation, because graduating from school first is the most important thing. After graduation, I still need to earn food, who cares about my food in the Metaverse.
Linna has never entered the metaverse again, and it's not that she doesn't want to, but she feels that when you look into the abyss, the abyss is also looking at you.
Twenty-five years later, because she was the first group to experience the metaverse, they hoped that Linna would enter the metaverse again, and this time expanded the number of experimenters.
Lina and the supervisor met in a cafe, he was a technician, and he knew what was bothering Lina, he explained to Lina that they had developed blockchain technology now.
Linna didn't know much about it, and the regulator picked up the coffee and said that this technology ensures a shortage of resources and the legality of transactions between countries.
Simply put, the computer has calculated the sha256 function, which can only be pushed forward. Let's call it s. Now we have a village where all the computers are. The village wants to write a pedigree, but no one wants to write was a waste of time to remember, so the village was fixed, and who remembered was awarded 10 bitcoins every time, so everyone felt the novelty and hurried to remember, but it took about 10 days for a new person to be born, and one day they remembered How you decide who will remember the task? Everyone is in a hurry to remember it, so set a difficult task. Only villagers who have solved a difficult task, that is, a computer, can remember the genealogy this time. The time and complexity of this question are used to adjust the difficulty. the next question depends on the time required to memorize the pedigree.If last time it was solved quickly and it took 1 day, then next time the complexity will be increased, so the time to solve this issue will be increased. basically the same as having to remember genealogical time, and this kind of problem is calculating s, s is a string of numbers that can be converted to binary 256—bit results, regardless of the input data, and the result cannot be inferred from the previous input value, so the complexity can be controlled. so far, it is indicated that the first digit is 0. For example, if I set the first digit to be 0, it means that every time it is calculated with probability 1/2 every time each (computer) needs a Random number and the value of the function s calculated by the person who recorded the genealogy before he has time to calculate the value of s together, so in this when calculating s, only a random number is controllable.Whoever tries to find it by forcibly enumerating it first, this set turns out to be a random number, and the result meets the needs of the answer to the question, whoever recorded the genealogy, that is, to pack the block.
Lin Na doesn't study natural sciences, but she also understands the truth.She's a little excited right now and plans to experience it again tonight. She understands that the result may not be perfect, but it should be promising.
Technological progress should not mean drowning, but greater sobriety.
Don't go away gently on this quiet night.