Earth for Strangers: An Idolizing Society

This work is a sci-fi story about human life in the 22nd century which is very different from the imagination of the majority of people who always think that the future of the earth will be more pleasant and easier to live in. We always envision future advances in science and technology but do not pay enough attention to the preservation of moral values that will be adhered to by future humans. Truth is indeed subjective and relative because truth depends on the needs of human survival, however, in determining this relative moral value it is determined by the harm and benefits that are obtained by humans as a whole, not just certain groups. Therefore, in short, the principle of refusing harm is better than taking advantage must be applied here.

So here the author tries to be at the same time playing the role of a conservative traditionalist in making this work. In other words, the writer will borrow or use the world viewpoints of the eastern conservative traditionalists. Possible alternatives that will occur by looking at the early signs of social pathological phenomena in society, by imagining the future earth in the following alternative scenarios, namely: humans are advanced in the fields of science and technology but will experience moral regression to its lowest point, namely the creation of a social order. which fosters polytheistic behavior in the sense of worship of everything other than and together with God which in the process also destroys the deepest joints of human life, therefore the author's opinion through the lens of eastern traditionalists firmly argues that the destruction of human morality in the future is more frightening than technological collapse (technological decline).

Broadly speaking, the story begins when human civilization survived after the destruction that occurred in the previous decades due to a major war between several camps which eventually narrowed into two main camps which have very sharp differences making it very difficult to create cohabitation on earth. There are those who group them as the liberal camp against the conservative traditionalist camp, there are also those who call the war between the West and the East, but all this is only analysis on paper, but the actual events are more complicated than the writings of scientists. This gigantic war caused many problems, the most important of which was the drastic decline in the male population, causing a radical change in gender roles. Where women occupy the vacant positions left by men who have died as a result of war, practically women occupy the upper hierarchy in society, human life based on traditional moral values ​​is completely suppressed, the choices are only two, follow mainstream thinking or adhere to idealism (traditional behaviors) that will cause big problems if caught by the authorities. Humans in the future will also be quite advanced in science and technology, including space technology. The first Mars colony was created before the great war occurred, but because Mars is quite difficult to live in, even though it can still be inhabited with the help of advanced human technology, the earth is still more suitable for humans. the earth has a lot of fertile land while what is on mars is only barren land. Therefore the earth government does not pay much attention to the mars program.

After one generation has passed, it turns out that once again Mars has given a surprise. Humans can develop quite well there, although at the same time, the Martians really miss the land of the earth as an outlet for inner satisfaction that cannot be obtained on Mars, meanwhile, humans on earth are increasingly experiencing moral decadence.  There is only one chance that comes before the trip to earth is closed for reasons of saving funds, so a husband and wife who grew up in a martian traditionalist family sneak back to earth. Arriving on earth he saw something beyond what they imagined. The moral decay of earth's humanity has truly crossed the line and must be treated immediately. Economic inequality is unbelievably happening, the traditional family order has long been abolished, gender imbalance is causing a social disaster on earth, these ideas create a hypocritical society with all the double standard policies they apply, therefore there is only one word to prevent people from continuing into destruction, namely: revolution!.

This work was written in a very short time so that many points have not been conveyed so it seems that it is still in the form of raw ideas, but in essence the author wants to offer a new perspective to see the possibility of the story of humanity in the future. The author sees that symptoms are heading in a direction that the traditionalists did not expect have occurred in human civilization on earth today, which is heading towards destruction, meaning that the state of humanity is not doing well. the author wants readers to rethink all ideas, especially western ideas that dominate scientific discourse today, so that these ideas are considered the most ideal and most appropriate for the future of humanity. Modern humans are increasingly alienated in their lives, humans no longer have the meaning of life, because the main cause is artificially forced penetration of new ideas that trap humans to remain in the matrix of elite slavery.

The author can simply describe what we will face in the future, as follows: Maybe adaptive pessimists will see the future not as pleasure but times full of trouble, therefore the 22nd century is the culmination of comedy from human history, The world of the future is as if the end of history for human traditionalist beliefs, the earth is filled with men who have lost their masculinity, women who have lost their ideal roles, humans without humanity, human relations have lost meaning, individuality destroys the collectivity spirit, however, for strangers the future is not about pleasure but a struggle, so be happy you people strangers, because you are the bastion of civilization, it is on your shoulders that the ideal human life rests.

The author hopes that the readers can carefully introspect on each other, re-reading of held beliefs, start questioning everything again but with a note that it still has rules or guidelines after rereading it. The deconstruction of postmodernist-style thinking is indeed a good thing to do, but if the result is loss of a way of life, then at this stage it must also be corrected. For example: the development of atheism which is re-emerging as a result of modern society makes humans redefine the meaning of life which is impossible to define through materialism goals, future humans still have to defend God in their lives, going through this absurd and contradictory life is impossible without adhering to on the spiritual essence of divinity, these ideas can damage the nature of a human being. Firmly the author, through a traditionalist lens, says that the essence and meaning of modern man has been completely damaged by non-theist western thought that initiated liberalism, capitalism, which inspired many other thoughts. These thoughts make people wilder, instead of liberating humans from slavery to thoughts, these thoughts of "freedom" release humans from their nature which continues to rub against the flow of the universe which demands order in a divine mercy.



As a result of the ambitions and interests of the world's strongholds, finally the third world war occurred around the middle of the end of the 21st century. In line with what Hegel previously found, that history is driven by the desire to prove human self. The history of conflict does not only work in a materialist paradigm like what was conveyed by Marx, wars occur because of the encouragement of many factors. This simplification occurs, stating that wars in history occurred because of something material in nature cannot really explain all conflicts that have occurred and will occur in the future. The enormous conflict that occurred in the latter half of the 21st century was due to multifactors ranging from conflicting values, ideology, interests and even culture like what Huntington had put forward decades before the war occurred, but once again none of the modern experts accurately predict the patterns of conflict and war in this period.

Fukuyama's thesis which describes that the western-style liberal democratic system is the end and the culmination of human civilization still seems relevant enough to be used as material for discussion even though it has received a lot of criticism. Mainly with the success of countries that are not liberal democracies adopting economic capitalism and the revival of rival ideologies, especially Islam and Confucian culture. Liberalism is a school of thought that pays attention to individual freedom. This school considers it obligatory to respect individual freedom, and believes that the main task of the government is to safeguard and protect people's freedoms, such as freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of private ownership, individual freedom, and the like.

Principles of Liberal Thought. In general, there are three principles of liberalism. Namely freedom, individualism, rationalism for conservative traditionalists, liberal society too 'deifies' reason. The characteristics of western Liberalism are very contrary to traditional teachings in other parts of the world, especially the strongest challenger is Islam. For Muslims There are not a few cancellations to Islam contained in this one ideological current. Among them: Disbelief/shirk, Judging by other than Allah's law, Eliminating the aqeedah of al-Wala and bara', Removing various Islamic teachings and laws.

The great war occurred in the second half of the 21st century between several different civilizations, cultures and interests. The communication was not effective, each party closed off the desire and initiative of one group for dialogue which was seen as a form of weakness or could be seen as only a cunning stratagem that did not originate from sincerity. The western alliance that lives in a liberal democratic civilization with all its derivative ideologies such as feminism, economic capitalism and others has forced other humans to follow the rules they make. One of the most obvious ideas seen today is the imposition of normalization of sexual orientation that deviates from traditional norms.

Symptoms of a big clash have been seen in the fact that many countries since the beginning of the 21st millennium have supported the LGBTQ movement. As a normal human being who sees increasing support for the behavior of LGBT people, of course the traditionalist camp wonders. It's not without reason that big companies in America and western Europe openly support the LGBTIQ movement. According to Witeck Communication, it is reported that the purchasing power of the LGBT community in the United States in 2012 reached $ 790 billion from year to year, the number always increases to $ 1.4 trillion in 2021, this is only the United States without adding other countries. the lgbtq community in 2018 the purchasing power figure has reached 3.7 trillion and rose to 3.9 trillion in 2019. So do not be surprised if the lgbtq community is called the future of the American economy, now it has beaten Asian Americans' purchasing power. Through this reality, the traditionalists feel threatened by the hegemony that other groups are trying to instill. So for the capitalists and the LGBTQ community everything is perfect because their behavior is indeed supported by the system of capitalism, secularism and liberalism which is the reference for the rule of the majority of the world's population today. In its development, the Western Alliance injected this thought into the culture of other people who tended to be anti-liberalism and its derivatives. The turmoil was once again seen when the alliance failed to inject its thoughts into old civilized societies such as the Middle East, India and China.

The alliance of the Muslim world and Christian civilization obey together with the Cynic-Confucian society will definitely unite because all of them are united by one thing in common, namely intolerance towards values ​​that will damage the foundations of people's lives in each region, while the western alliance will definitely unite. because all of them are united by the same thing, namely tolerance for anything except for values, morals, traditional norms. Cohabitation will never materialize on earth, especially since capitalist liberalists have a spirit of colonialization which is essentially the same as what was done in previous centuries, only differing in their modus operandi. Meanwhile, traditional religions such as Islam or Orthodoxy have a spirit that from the start teaches its adherents to fight against all forms of tyranny. So these two different spirits will never be able to live in harmony with human life and become one of the most powerful conflict factors at the end of the 21st century. As Elon Musk has warned, the potential for nuclear war is in sight. The world's richest man wants the West to more seriously consider the risk of nuclear conflict and World War III breaking out over Ukraine . The shadow of the big war has been anticipated by many scientists in the past and all this happened at this time.

In the field of science and technology, humans have reached their peak with a variety of cutting-edge technologies discovered, starting from IT telecommunications technology, space technology, all technological technologies that were imagined by scientists in the past have been successfully realized by humans today, even military technology with the most lethal weapons has been discovered. Rapid changes will occur in human life, work culture, and in social life, as the adoption of AI, 5G, cloud computing and a number of other developing technologies increases. This period creates many new jobs while old jobs have been replaced by AI or computers. Humans are forced to have new skills that cannot be done by technology such as robots, even today humans live side by side with robots even though these humanoid robots still do not have awareness like humans. Global governance occurs all based on big data, barrier-free communication, intelligent transportation systems, economic symbiotes, Augmented creativity means a technology or breakthrough that will later become a bridge between real-world jobs and digital experiences. The technology that was being imagined by humans at the beginning of the 21st century has materialized at the end of the 21st century, such as self-driving cars, floating rice fields or laboratories, expedition services or super-fast delivery of goods, etc.

Science that is difficult to explain such as quantum physics has become bright in this era. the most striking development of space technology, humans have succeeded in trampling Mars, while for the moon, tour packages have been provided that are quite affordable for commuting. Many experts and developers have said that only in the near mid-21st century, earth humans will have landed on Mars. The climax is that in a relatively short period of time, humanity has succeeded in sending a group of humans to Mars to start the first Martian colony, this marks the success of achieving the highest ambition in human history. A number of these people consist of representative scientists from several countries that fund the mars project. delivered via the most modern space shuttle but once again the progress of science and technology is not directly proportional to the development of human social maturity, conflicts between fellow human beings continue to occur even more and more heated day by day.

At the end of the tension, the escalation of the conflict increased until it reached the culmination point when each side closed the door for talks. When total war began for several years, the population growth rate decreased and the number of people decreased, especially the male sex. After the last weapon was launched, billions of people became victims, especially the youth who took part in the great war. The decades of war had a fatal impact, almost all men perished and the majority of the earth's population were women. Worse yet, the age of the elderly population is more than that of productive age, this shows that the population growth rate has dropped dramatically. The army was filled by men while almost all women were given protection in war bunkers. After the war, most of the male survivors were exposed to radiation which resulted in them having to be isolated or even having biological abnormalities due to the effects of the radiation. In short, the male population at this time has decreased and is scarce, while health technology has been destroyed by war.

Post armageddon

After the third world war happened, every human being from countries that have good weapons protection facilities can survive besides that humans in poor parts of the earth have no chance to continue life. The new deal was made by the majority of humans i.e. the remaining women. They consist of elites who rule the post-war world. It should be remembered that women who are active in politics are only women who came from developed countries in the past that had adequate military protection facilities. The majority of them still maintain liberal democratic thinking and a feminist view of the world and they dominate the earth today.

They agree to start a new world order that is in line with the principle of liberalism that automatically provides space for the development of other ideas such as feminism which has been adapted to circumstances because feminism at this time is different from the aims of past feminism which arose because the past world for them was very patriarchal. 22nd century feminism emerged because women became the absolute majority of the world's population and radical gender changes occurred. they want a dominating role in the world that they think they never got in the previous phase. Women are becoming very dominant in the households of the earth today, men are confined at home due to scarcity. This confinement occurs in households where women are the head of the household and are married, but most women choose not to marry. The remaining men have lost their masculinity, quite complicated to rise from the destruction after the war but all can be done. The change in the world is totally carried out by changing the patriarchal structure of the union of nations so that women become the party that actively monopolizes the activities of the union of nations. Non-traditional sex orientation dominates the earth today, lesbian, trans, non-binary and all deviations for traditionalists are the main constituent parts of earth's society. As a result of the absence of the traditional divine concept, deviant sexual behavior is widespread and the spread of venereal diseases is more widespread and rapid in this period. Gradually the life that is carried out experiences decantation and continues to decline with few realizing the time bomb they have planted.

As has been explained that humans do not lack creativity in innovating in the field of technology, but what is most worrying is the moral devastation that occurs. after being able to establish the first human colony of humans on mars, even though the conditions of mars are not as beautiful as previously imagined, the earth is still the most suitable habitat for humans. On the planet Mars, there is no land that can be used for farming, all the land is dry. In the end, the Mars project was ignored by the earth government, which paid attention to pressing matters on earth, especially for deviations that occurred in young males who were just born, their testosterone levels were too high and aggressive enough for human life at that time. The post-war policy greatly impacted traditional values, women who hold power on earth think that war is caused by masculinity that exceeds the limit so all forms of masculinity on earth try to be eliminated even though in reality the number of men who are still alive is very low.

Government on earth is made centralized with a liberal democratic system, due to the domination of humans who still hold this thought. the earth began to be made into one country with a system of federalism. Single central government with a decentralized system in various parts of the world that are still livable after the war which caused radiation for its inhabitants. The country of the earth is led periodically through general elections, one term of leadership lasts for 10 years and the leader can run for re-election. there is a state council consisting of several elite people who have the right to veto a policy. The countries of the earth are still diverse, but English is still used to communicate between people of different nations, but they are still one country and one government. The government that was carried out was labeled a liberal democracy but was very oppressive towards the emerging conservative traditionalist values.

Martian colony

The first group of humans had reached Mars shortly before the war occurred through nuclear-powered spacecraft technology that had long been developed, the mission of exploring Mars by humans continued independently but had experienced disruptions during the world war, it was finally achieved, for the first group consisted of only a few astronauts and the second mars expedition loaded more people until research was carried out on mars for months but without producing significant findings mars is not an easy place on earth. Considering that mars is quite hard to live in, the mars project changed its original plan to a new plan. Initially Mars was projected as human habitation, but when it turned out that it was quite difficult to inhabit Mars and there were many problems that had to be solved on earth. After a few years after the war, the earth government changed the mission that was originally looking for life on mars instead then mars would be used as a place of disposal if later there were rebel groups on earth, especially the remnants of traditionalist conservatives and men who opposed government policies would be moved to mars as a form of exile and punishment.

They find it difficult to survive on Mars but it is true that a saying says where there is a will there is a way, the human creative brain works smarter for years they develop technology to survive on Mars finally one second generation manages to live stably on Mars. They have land for agriculture to fulfill their food needs by applying agricultural engineering technology, they recycle water and make water and oxygen from carbon dioxide separation technology and they make indoor dwellings there.

Life on earth

There has been a radical change in gender roles where the remaining men play a role in the home while women rule the world of work. Actually, feminist ideology is no longer relevant at this time because their struggle to face a patriarchal world order is over, but this ideology has changed in form to become feminazi, these global feminists believe that their present life is much better than human life in the past. In fact, the life of the earth's people is decreasing, the heavy sectors that should be filled by men are carried out by women who do not have families, they are mentally very depressed, they feel they are independent, independence in their understanding is very different from the traditional understanding.

By nature, from the beginning humans reproduced in ancient times, there has been a division of labor. Men have played the role of hunters and women have the task of saving and guarding their homes. All of this is not a form of colonization or gender suppression, instead humans use their minds to think about what aspects they can optimize in survival. In terms of dressing, the people of the earth are no longer based on ethics and manners, there are many women who resemble men in ancient times, they go out of the house without wearing clothes, while men behave like women by wearing skirts, various other oddities occur.

The longing of martians for earth

Most of the inhabitants of Mars are religious people, they are Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Hindus. As an illustration, Muslims really miss their Qibla in the city of Mecca as a form of consolation for them to build a new Mecca on Mars, Jews also miss the promised land of Jerusalem.  In the beginning, the Muslims faced a lot of opposition to the old Shari'a that they had to adapt to life on Mars, starting from the fact that they could no longer perform the pilgrimage to Mecca, which is on earth, which is now quite difficult for them to get there. One of the advantages of religion is peace of mind and mental health for humans. the Martians, even though they live under natural pressure, remain calm and remain mentally stable, while the Earth humans, even though they have been blessed with supportive nature, are still filled with sick humans.

Different reality

After several tens of years, the birth rate of humans on earth has decreased because many women think that having children and getting pregnant is a form of patriarchal slavery in the past. Life is also not passionate because work in the heavy sector is difficult to do while the men who are there have lost their virility. The level of mental health decreases, it turns out that women are not suitable for heavy jobs that require a high level of energy and calm, such as: mining workers and building construction workers. Earth's children grow up without ideal father and mother figures, they often lock themselves in a room, children from one individual are scattered on earth, women satisfy their sexual desires through assistive devices and get children from sperm banks. Earth's people divert stress and depression to alcohol, addictive drugs, clubbing, same-sex activities, and things that are forbidden according to traditional conservative thinking. Access to good health is in fact only owned by the government elite while ordinary people suffer so that life expectancy in some areas is very low.

One chance

So those are the names Isa and Asia, they are both a newly married husband and wife from Mars, they want to see their ancestral land on earth as their goal to give birth to their children on earth where their ancestors came from. The opportunity to be able to return to earth is very rare, they finally boarded the shuttle facility that will go to earth after long and tough negotiations with the astronauts who have coordinated with the earth to report on the progress they have achieved so far. none of the people on the shuttle had ever been to earth before, they were truly a new generation born and raised on mars.

Long story short, when they arrive on earth they have to face a very complicated administrative process for foreigners, the earth government checks all their personal data, they even find it difficult to walk around, their degree on mars is not recognized by the earth authorities, for example when they want to equalizing his education certificate on mars to the earth authorities, this was also rejected. Everything that humans do on Mars is not recognized, even Earth humans don't think that humans on Mars can survive for such a long time. after successfully sneaking around and seeing the city situation and watching the news, he saw the destruction of society that was happening on earth, lots of homeless women, men working as prostitutes, high economic inequality and moral decantation because traditional religion is really true disappeared even the abrahamic religions were only known as old stories or what they heard were ancient beliefs that once existed in the past.

Isa asked where the last traditionalist stronghold was here they didn't even know after walking through the immigration library to find information, finally he found an archive of old news about a valley with almost collapsed buildings with a group of people living from livestock, this place is known as the old bacca. The earth authorities labeled these people as dangerous radicals, barbarians who curb human freedom, a lot of negative labeling was attached to this group, as a punishment the earth authorities gave all the sanctions and boycotts to the inhabitants of this bacca valley. the earth authorities also do not have the ability to destroy this valley because they are militant and war strategists in difficult terrain while the earth authorities are mostly filled with women and men who are not manly.

Revolution must happen!

Isa and Asia are trying to convince all the people of the earth that the life they are living now is not an ideal life, they exemplify that humans on Mars are developing and not as bad as they imagine. On mars they have found a way to reproduce water, oxygen, agriculture, although not as advanced as imagined, but all of that is enough to maintain social order in martian society. They still maintain the traditional family structure, population growth is stable and growing. Politeness is a hallmark of Martian society which is very different from earthly society.

What conditions exist on earth, it is truly unexpected that humans are filled with mental illness, women experience a mental breakdown because they do not have an emotional bond with children and family. Men are increasingly pressured because if a man shows interest in weapons, he is immediately labeled as a deviant and prepares to be sent to prison when he grows up. They saw something beyond what he imagined the destruction of Earth's humanity had to be prevented. The applied capitalism is no longer applicable, economic development through this system has reached its end, this kind of situation ends in self-destruction. Economic inequality is very extraordinary, slavery that most people are not aware of. The traditional family has long been abolished, gender confusion has resulted in a disaster on earth, therefore there is only one word to prevent all of this, namely: revolution!.

They have to make the earth again an easy place for religious people to worship their god. When they tried to enlighten the earthlings, they were so shocked by the harsh treatment they received on earth, they were even forbidden to talk to the earthlings anymore. This husband and wife are even more determined to change the existing situation. They gathered traditionalist niches on earth to start a revolution, initially they propagated the thought of these traditional values ​​to several people and finally they were imprisoned because the authorities knew their movements, while in prison they did not do much activity, only eating, sleeping, pray and read. After reading a lot of literature in the prison library room they got more information about the bacca valley. This valley is the center of traditional ancient religious rites that the Martians adhered to. He thought hard to get out of the prison, they approached the prison warden who often talked to them. The warden of this prison has also begun to be intrigued by the ideas of this husband and wife because he sees the moral devastation that is happening at this time, after all, being a prison warden during this period is not worth what she gets.

Thanks to the help of the prison warden, they both managed to escape from the prison which is located in the European part of the earth's government. with enthusiasm they boarded a ship that was going to sail to the city of Neom, Isa was forced to follow the male gender of the earth at that time so that she would not be arrested again, they started registering to work as waiters to get a free ride on a cruise ship that would move towards the city of Neom on the Arab plains. Isa and Asia hid their thoughts as much as possible because the people of the earth at that time were very sensitive and could know other people's thoughts just by speaking for a few minutes. They had to pretend to be friends, they both tried not to meet many people, they only delivered food and didn't talk to people. When they arrived in the city of neom isa and asia finally also went down and found out where the bacca valley was but no one could and wanted to tell him. Isa saw the men who were locked up in the partitions as consolation for the women who were tired of working because men were so scarce. He firmly believed that bacca was close because he saw geographical similarities to bacca in literature. This valley is guarded by people who have been passed down for generations after the great war occurred, these people are a group of Muslims who survived the third world war, to mention their names is forbidden on earth because it is an illegal act. The people of the bacca valley have a fighter mentality that is not easy for the earth government to conquer and besides, weapons are not a priority for the earth government anymore.

Finally after traveling for several days driving by vehicle with the farthest route they continued their journey using the wild camels that were still there, they were stranded for several days, before finally seeing the bacca valley from a distance. It turned out that the place had been revived, unlike the photos in the old article read by Isa during his imprisonment, from a distance it looked shiny white and glistening like a very, very strong fortress, the inhabitants inside were isolated by all corners of the earth so as not to interact with other residents. The chaotic life that occurs on earth seems to really not occur in the valley of Bacca. They maintain a traditional family system where traditional gender roles are still gradual, even though their numbers are not too many. Bacca people live in mental health and an abundance of inner happiness that cannot be obtained by other earthlings. This area is a valley that is blocked by several high rock mountains, residents live communally in several places. Many of the buildings are made of white marble stones so that they appear from a distance like sparkling white palaces.

Isa and Asia, using translation tools, tried to communicate with the people of the Bacca Valley. It turned out that they were speaking Arabic, which they understood little by little. In the end, they found out that they were fellow Muslims. Initially these Muslims were completely isolated from the outside world and many of them were not even aware of the moral devastation that was occurring. They are too focused on their own group so they forget the obligation to preach to other humans. after successfully arriving in this region, isa and asia succeeded in convincing this group of Muslims to fight to justify this broken world order. For the first time they stepped out of their fortress to face the outside world. First of all they preach their thoughts to the earth's people who suffer with the existing conditions. Capitalism at this time is squeezing the common people so much that they offer religious solutions, especially Islam to solve their economic problems, replacing the entire usury system, the existing banks are actually making people miserable, women who work day and night to support their children and husbands are even made worse by usury. usury that ensnare them as a result of loan funds from banks.

To create revolution, isa must bring people together based on a shared purpose/use. Starting a revolution is possible, though it requires a lot of patience, organization, and passion. Revolutions are more likely to succeed if they are not forced. The meaning of the revolution itself is a significant change that usually occurs in a short period of time. Isa began to preach da'wah with Muslims from the Bacca Valley to the closest residents, even though they were faced with gun muzzles but the da'wah had to be carried out, they would still deliver one sentence even though their lives were at stake

Earth's people listened to Isa and Asia's invitation, but still many of them closed their hearts and it seemed as if their ears were blocked and even if they were unable to break Isa and Asia's arguments they still would not follow the advice given and they replied that the traditional order of life was laughed at by isa and asia is just a mythological tale of the past. Asia preaches a return to religious moral values ​​among the people of the earth to make women aware of the problems they are facing and how to solve them effectively. In fact, there are four main elements of the da'wah method carried out by them in nearby areas that have returned to embracing traditionalist thinking, including building faith, worship, and mu'amalah, fostering ukhuwah to unite earth's traditionalists. Isa and Asia together with the Muslims penetrated the cities around them by re-creating religious brotherhood bonds, temporary peace agreements with the liberalists who ruled the earth. Gradually many people began to wake up with an invitation to return to the previous traditional order. they tidy up the previously messy personal, family, and social relationships of the earth's people.

Future earth life

After the 'revolution of faith and morals' has shown success in converting the entire Arabian peninsula back to traditional religious values. So the ideal life takes place first and foremost regionally with the creation of a society based on the principles of the scriptures aimed at upholding an ethical and egalitarian social order, avoiding economic disequilibrium and social injustice, and to win God's pleasure.

the future after the revolution of faith and morals has taken place is a reversal of the situation where originally human society was characterized by extreme miserliness, selfishness and luxury alongside poverty and helplessness to change into a generous and altruistic human being based on faith in God. The ideal society is not only cognitive, because it is proven to evaluate all their activities, up to the transcendental. If there are more than one individual, then God directly enters into the relationship between them, and it is a third dimension that they cannot neglect, if they do not want to risk it.

The ideal society in the future of the earth is a relation to policies that make it easier for humans to submit themselves to God so that they are truly anti towards polytheistic behavior (polytheism) which is a symptom of segmentation in society, and the socio-economic inequality caused by and which fosters very unequal divisions. wanted among people. An ideal society is realized characterized by peace and wealth. Because the misuse of wealth can hinder individuals from seeking noble values ​so that wealth becomes "a small part of the world's abundance" and "world delusion".

The post-revolutionary future society rests on the principle of equitable justice, "wealth should not revolve only among the rich". but this concept represents an important theme in broad economic policy. Finally, the purpose of charity is explained in detail: "charity (not for the rich but) only for the poor, for those who collect it, for those who surrender to God, to (ransom) prisoners of war, for people who are in debt, for "God's way" (Fighting and goals to society such as education and health) and for people on the road (to facilitate travel).These categories include social welfare in the broadest sense .

The ideal life for the future in 2100 has been realized after the revolution that occurred, namely a society that grows and develops by implementing the principle of "ordering people to do good, and being active in forbidding people from doing evil". Humans on earth are united under one general umbrella but in diversity (unity in diversity). The creation of a brotherly bond that unites people to a single and straight universal belief. Humans become moderate. Creation of a good country by implementing deliberation in politics and life. Upholding the principles of non-violence, equality, brotherhood, justice, non-liberal freedom, trust, peace, non-liberal tolerance.



Holders of religious values ​​are strangers in the future, they live to defend their beliefs like holding burning coals but they will survive and even have a high possibility of carrying out a revolution of beliefs and morals in earthlings who are truly lost. In fact, humans with belief in God have greater power in carrying out their lives compared to humans who do not have gods, the product of secularism and atheism. Even though the author is not a conservative traditionalist, I hope that the role and perspective of the eastern conservative that the author plays and uses in making this short work fulfills aspects of traditionalist thought that are rarely expressed in a contemporary work, in short making everyone understand their intentions and goals better. Conservative traditionalists can be said to be the silent majority of the earth's population today. Once again, the writer conveys that the writing was done in a short time and there is still much to be added, such as supporting evidence for arguments that have not been explored perfectly.



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