Some things never change


After the plan of “wandering the earth” succeeded our earth continued moving forth and forward. Eventually we reached another planet Proxima Centaur, the nearest star to the sun which is also habitable for human-being to live if we transform the setting. During the process the human-beings are seriously lacking energy and materials. If I can read others’ minds, I can learn the stories of other people. Do you want to know what has happened? What has happened to the Earth? Let’s explore together.

We don’t know what it will be like in our future.The world might be in trouble in 2100s. We might critically lack energy and resources. And between tomorrow and a disaster we don’t know which will come first. So we should work hard for our future, our human-being’s common future. At least we should be prepared for difficult situations. If the day really comes we won’t be too devastated. We should uphold the banner of a community with a shared future for mankind. So we should work together now, no matter the nationality, only concentrating on the future and sustaining life. And we also have to love. I think it is love and hope that really support us to fight for the future. The spring will come soon. Now what we could do is just to believe in our scientists and ourselves. Then love and be grateful to our families and friends in proper time.  And work tirelessly for our future.


After the plan of “wandering the earth”succeeded our earth continued moving forth and forward.

Eventually we reached another planet Proxima Centaur, the nearest star to the sun, which is also habitable for human-being to live if we transform the setting. Of course, it can’t be compared with the original earth.

But don’t worry, with the intelligence and technology, we must build a brand-new intelligent and beautiful homeland.

Now is year 2100 and i am Negru working as a journalist in the biggest news company around the world. Most of the canonical and urgent news and broadcasts are coming from here. Nowadays the external environment is extremely unstable.T he rapid ageing and changes of the sun, the sudden changes in the temperature of the space and the constant attention to whether there will be other asteroids or meteorites passing by we need to make a quick judgment and alert the people to prepare. Therefore our news company is also connected with some important departments such as the Cosmic Environment Observation Department. Of course we give people a motivational speech every day. We tell people about what happened on the original earth, the history of humanity and the splendid cultures of the past. Also of our research results.

We don’t think it is bad to tell people the truth. And I think our way is right. Even if we don’t tell they also might be able to guess the situation. So when we have t bad news and findings we would  tell our people and we work it out together. Because the future belongs to all of us and needs our joint cooperation.

Today I intend to meet some special interviewers with a special brand-new technology: a chip that can read others’ mind within 5meters by reading the brain waves that plays a role of transmitting the information. And the technology can copy and analyse the brain waves when others are thinking. The chip was researched  and produced by my teacher.

After I got up I wore my get-ups which color is emerald-green and finished the breakfast-a bun which is handed out by the government. I walk out the house under the ground. We are still living in the underground space because of very chilly and cold weather on the earth’s surface. Nothing can grow and live in those terrible surroundings.

There is a spaceship waiting for me.

Actually we have only constructed two spaceships to transport those in need to Proxima Centaur. Schedule is only set off at 8:00am and 3:00pm. And we have to book the seats in advance. As studied this is the most fuel-efficient time.

Then I step on the spacecraft setting out the Proxima Centauri. It is very fast. Just in 20mins we arrive at the Proxima. Then the spacecraft door is opening and a person waiting for me near the spacecraft door. Catching sight of me he runs towards me. He tells me that he is the person who sees me to the test base.

We have a simple greeting. Then we walk towards the practical test base.

The scientists have done a lot in this test base.They have divided up a relatively small field for the experiment. Because the oxygen is thin here the scientists have to produce enough oxygen. Luckily we’ve made it.

The test base is like a small natural system on Earth including some artificial green plants. Some flowers and plants make it more active and lively.

And today the person I have to interview is a great architect and one of the general engineers of this natural system. His name is Zhang Nanjia from China. But at the moment because of the huge eruption and globalisation our human-beings are united like a twine. We don’t emphasise the nationality.

“He is available now,” says the person who received me. And I smile politely.

Couple of minutes fly by.

“So happy to see you, Negru! ” Zhang Nanjia’s voice rang out.

Zhang Nanjia is tall and of slim body type aged about forty, pale-faced, wearing spectacles and dressed in blue and white uniform. `His eyes focused which implies that he can reach his goal.

“Good morning, doctor Zhang. How’s it going? Is everything going well?” said I holding out my hand and trying to propose a handshake.

He lets me sit down telling me, ”Don’t worry. We will have a new-brand homeland. The important part is the gas is already circulating itself through the artificial plants.”

“So what is the most difficult task now?” I ask.

“Energy. Still the energy. You know no matter our work in the lab base and the people living on the earth we are all in desperate need of energy. Although we have now detected that Proxima Centaur contains enormous power and energy resource our current technology is not able to control and use it.”say Zhang with a sad smile on his face.

But a bright smile follows,”But we are working on it.” he says.

I can read that in his mind, a huge and amazing dream to build a new-brand homeland like that on the original earth even more fabulous and wonderful. And on this new planet we human-beings can continue our lives creating broad and profound culture.

Suddenly a white man comes in. I recognise him. He is Zhang Nanjia’s partner, also a pioneer responsible for the natural system development, too.

Walking in  he give Doctor Zhang a high five.

 Then we talked for a while about the cultural differences. We were lucky you know, thanks to the predecessors and the people’s exertion, we saved some great works during the catastrophe. There were Chinese literature and classic, western novels and opera. I was born after the catastrophe. I have not been to the original earth but i know the history and culture of what happened on the original earth before.

At the end of the interview Dr. Zhang still takes me to visit the test base. Coming closer all I see is a large translucent glass cover tinged with green.

“Do you want the tour to the base?” Dr. Zhang asks.

“May I?”

“Of course if you want. Just pass through the decontamination and wear protective clothing. It might even give us a new idea.” Says Dr. Zhan smiling.

Next I put on the protective clothing and enter the base under Dr. Zhang’s guidance.

When I enter the test base it is just like the spring coming and moving towards me. As if  the earth is below and around me. The spring’s spirit of divine discontent and longing is kept safe in the small test base. I took a deep breath that seemed sorrowful missing the spring I have never experienced. The spring is growing in my heart and lungs. I will never forget that feeling.

I see a lot of different kinds and shapes of green leaves. At this moment I am very excited and interested because most of them appeared in the books I have read. But I have not seen any real ones yet.

Seeing how exciting I was he tells me that some of these seeds are saved from the gene bank and some of them are modified in order to improve their survival to better adapt to this strange planet.

Suddenly I see a strange looking plant. It is very green and the leaves are huge and smooth.

“Is this plant artificial?” I ask.

“Yes. This is a plant that we have recently developed but it is in the experimental stage.” Dr. Zhang says adding,“Because it is far away from the sun and other sources of heat the absorption of heat is very weak so we increase the absorption efficiency.”

After a long conversation I have to leave to meet the next person.

I rush to the spaceship because it is 2:50p.m. now and the spaceship comes back to earth at 3:00p.m.

Every time when I pass over the earth seeing the vail of snow on the vast lifeless surface I think of the pictures I have seen of the original planet. My heart breaks.

Back under the ground in contrast to the surface there are many pedestrians and children in the street.

Alan the road a man hurries up as if  somebody is running after him.

Suddenly he falls down in front of me. I help him up. Also I hear his mind is saying ”The policeman still following me?” He is too nervous and frightened, with hazel eyes which had that look of apprehension.

My brain blanks out at that moment.

But the man leaves me running away in a rush.

Afterwards two policemen com ,asking the passers-by and trying to find that man. The person that the policemen are eager to find must be that man I helped.

When I realise that I start looking around the street. But the man is already gone.

“Calm down, calm down. Maybe your chip can help you find him this time.” I say to myself standing rooted to the spot. Then I put myself together.

I walked around the street in a faint attempt  to find him.

“Mom, wait for me. I come back soon.” Suddenly I hear the thought so very close to me. Behind me?

I jerk my head around to look at the street.

A tabby cat is frightened by my sudden turning back escaping away quickly.

I blink and look at the cat noticing a man is lying near some big paper boxes by the dumpster  in the wet and gloomy street.

Without thinking twice I run over to him and help to send him to the hospital assisted by the two policemen.

After the emergency treatment the man wakes up. One of the policemen asks in a stern voice,”Now tell me why you stole the energy block.”

As you know we are critically short of energy after implementing the plan of “wandering the earth”. Before the scientists discover the new material to replace or new technology to reuse the limited resource, the energy is precious. So the energy that is given to everyone is ordered and limited.

“My mom needs it if not she will be totally frozen!” The man shouts with tears uncontrollably welling up in his eyes.

“The prescribed amount is enough for an ordinary family. In terms of the data there are only two persons in your home. That is enough.” says the policeman angrily.

“Yet my old mother got a serious lung condition in the great cold catastrophe .And now she is getting worse and worse…» There is a lump in his throat with tears blurring his vision.

“I just don’t wanna to lose her. I don’t have anyone left any more,” he breaks down in tears.

I read the brave waves off him.

Another beautiful family was destroyed by the great catastrophe. The man’s father perished in the cold catastrophe. Fortunately his mother survived the drastic event but the cold air flow came into her physical body and she would gradually loose warmth day by day  until she freezes completely.

The suddenly my phone rings. I know I have to leave because it is time to meet a special old man.

Actually it is a task ordered by my teacher-a famous scientist who searched and produced the technology of reading other’s mind, and he hopes I’ll use it for the whole day to give him some feedback and suggestions for improvement.

According to the public the old man was left by his son. His son just ran away instead taking care of him leaving the old man when the cold catastrophe happened.But we have not idea about the person from the information the old man provided and we have searched for sometime. So I have to read the old man’s memory trying to find some clues  and asking the man to come back to fulfil his duties as a son.

The old man’s name is John Smith. His white hair is mussy his hands are speckled with age spots and his skin was crinkled. Because the old man got Alzheimer his memory is a little confused but the memories are still present in his brain so my work is to keep asking him some questions catching the mild brain waves and finding the secret deep in his brain. What a hard task it is! And this action will consume my brain energy making me too tired.

Yes, what you read is right, the technology can not only read current thoughts but also the memories before.

“Do you still remember the last time you’ve met your son”

“Of course. This Christmas Day.”

Then he pulled out a wrinkled yellowed photograph. In the picture is his son and him. From the scenery and decoration I could see it was taken on the Christmas day. How cheerful they were in the picture. But it was taken in the year 2068.

And John Smith tells us that his son was a scientist working in the USA on the original Earth. From the old man’s expressions I can feel that his son was intelligent and smart. He sounded very proud of his son. But how could such a good person abandon his father leaving him alone to take care of himself? How could it be possible?

After some questions I learnt the whole story and truth of his son.

Indeed the old man’s son left him in 2068 and the old man’s memory stopped on that year.

The old man’s son was actual an energy transport worker. He signed up holding the responsibility for the plan of ”wandering the earth” to secretly help to make the plan happen.

“Wandering the earth” was a great project. It needed to transport a lot of fuel to the surface of the Earth. Also it was important to let people to operate them. This job required physical and mental strength. You needed to be very rigorous and serious. You can not allow yourself slip a moment.

But he did a really good job at the time the catastrophe helping many.

Sadly he lost his life in that great project.

John Smith and his son lived in countryside before.When the youngster grew up he did not get too much education and went straight to the factory to work. He worked hard and quietly in the factory until the eve of the catastrophe. That day the owner of the factory ran into the hangar and told the workers that the earth was going to be swallowed by the sun. He hoped all the workers could volunteer for the project of “wandering the earth” and help transport the materials and energy to help the earth escape the sun’s pull. He took part in the task without any hesitation. He was 36 years old that year.

Worth to mention the great catastrophe has destroyed almost everything on the original earth as it is.

As I imagine, maybe the sky was deep blue, the breeze was soft, the mountains were wrapped in silver water and shining sun. Imagine the river twisting and turning through the green field and a butterfly settling on a blooming flower. When we reach the top of the hill,  we can catch sight of the setting sun and the golden sea. My heart is beating wildly and I felt utterly vulnerable in such a gorgeous scenery. Such extraordinary beauty wakes up every cell in my body. It was like discovering a whole new dimension of life.

One day the sun suddenly accelerated the ageing. The earth was constantly engulfed by the sun. In the process of escaping the sun’s pull the distance between the sun and the earth was getting farther and farther. So the earth’s absorption of the sun’s heat was reduced resulting in the earth’s perennial freezing.

So now the surface of the earth is covered with white piles of snow with the mountains in Iceland rising black. The sky is deep black and the wind is very chilly like thousands of knifes across your face. The mountains are covered by the thick ice and snow, the silver waters no longer flow becoming the solid cube.

    I froze with fear. The horrible scene makes my body run cold and stuck fear in my heart. In fact I have been living in the deep winter since I was born. We do not have the cycle of four seasons, only countless cold and wind. Although we live under the ground it is not as cold as the surface of the earth but the cold still comes through the surface.We always wear our cotton coats and need to be provided heating at home which accounts for the most of our energy needs.

Actually when I read the memory of the old man he was reading his own memory, too. So I make him go through the sorrow of losing the only son again.

The last picture and memory is that John Smith received the news of his son’s passing. Next the old man was watching the last video his son sent with tears dropping down.

In the last video his son is asking the old man to take good care of himself. Looking at the background I am guessing  he was carrying the resource at that time.

And he couldn’t help shedding tears in the end. He must have known that he could not come back to look after his old father. Because he knew the country need ed him, the earth needed him and between the small home and the big world he chose the latter. He is a hero in the end.

This time he will always remember that fact and from now on he will live alone in great pain.

So now I broke his peace and brought tdespair to the old man. How can the old man handle it for the rest of his life? Living in constant pain? He is lonely, no daughter, no wife, no more son.

For this type of people, he best way is submit to the government adding him to the special list for taking special care and providing love.

We have a universal policy of caring for families who contribute to the plan of “wandering the earth”. The victims and their families deserve more respect and honour and should be given more benefits.

But suddenly John Smith bursts into laughter adding “I am so proud of having such a good son. He is my own son.”

Later the neighbours of John Smith learnt about the tragedy, truth and the attitude of the old man. They all speak highly of him.

Okay that’s the last person I’ve met. Now heading back home. I call my teacher,”Dear teacher, do you have time? I want to send the chip back to the laboratory now.” I ask.

“Apologies but I am on Proxima Centaur now. I won’t come back until tomorrow. You just keep the chip today.” He ended our chat abruptly.

While walking along the street I turn down the function of the chip. You know there are many people in the street. I don’t want to know all their thoughts because that is creating horrible noise and making me tired.

Upon arriving  home I find the food have been laid on the table. And my husband is in the kitchen. Noticing that I am back he asks me to wash my hands with the gorgeous smile on his face.

Suddenly I get an idea to read his mind. What if i ask him,”Do you still love me today?” That kind of thing.

Actually my husband is a very shy person. He seldom expresses his love directly but hides it in everyday’s actions and details. I can feel that. So actually I seldom ask him that question.

But is it okay for me to use the chip when I am not at work? Just a little I think  to myself. My teacher won’t be angry with me but of course there will be  a record on the chip. But…who cares?

After i make up my mind I open the chip.

Then I walk into the kitchen to wash my hands. After I finish that I put my arms around his waist from behind.

He is surprised by my sudden action.

And he is rattled asking, ”What happened?” and his ears blush.

“Nothing. I just want to hug you for a while.”I said adding, ”I am too tired today.”

He begins to slow the movements of washing the dishes allowing me to hug  him comfortably.

“Do you still love me more today?”said I breaking into a mischievous grin.

Hearing this sudden question he is obviously surprised once again.

Apparently tonight my actions and words are very different from usual. More uncommon which surprises him.

He just says,“Of course. No more than that.” giving me a grin. But I know that the butterflies already flying around in his stomach.

Outside the riot of light streaming through the window.

I can’t help hugging him tight hardly hiding my excitement.

He lowers down his head and I raise my head kissing for a moment.

You know that it is very hard in this century and this earth. We lack energy and resources seriously. And we don’t know what our future will be like. Tomorrow and the accident we don’t know which will come first.

At first I thought there is no point in catching the tiny hope in the deep winter.

But we really work hard for our future, our human-being’s future. So we work together no matter the nationality only concentrating on the future and sustaining life.

And we also have love. I think it is love and hope that really support us to fight for the future for such a long time during the chilly cold and dark winter and disasters. And the spring will come soon.

I can see further into the future. Maybe we are still living on the Proxima Centauri growing crops, creating new civilisations and multiplying. But is it possible that we will experience a technological breakthrough and spread across the universe? And perhaps we will be contacted by aliens and live together in a very distant and comfortable place? The future of the future, full of infinite possibilities…Who knows whether it will happen? Right?

Now what we could do just believe into our scientists and ourselves. Then love and be grateful to our families and friends in proper time. Then work hard and work hard for our future.









When we think about the future we are more likely to cherish the beautiful life of the present. Human-beings are very small and fragile in the universe but no matter how small we are we still have our own meaning of existence. The civilisation we have created and the love we have created is not going to die. No matter what happens in the future we should live in the present. Continuing to love, to be grateful, to work hard for the future.


Sources: movie《Wandering the earth》