The second brain

The second brain
In 2100, a portable device resembling a Bluetooth headset appeared. And it can completely replace the role of mobile phones, tablets and computers. It will become an integral part of a person's life and will play an important role in life. It helps people to carry out all public activities more conveniently, efficiently and accurately. We call it the "Second Brain".
The biggest technical support for the "second brain" is the technology of virtual visualization. It can project a virtual screen in front of human eyes on which people can perform all social actions. For example: communication, web search and entertainment, payments, listening to music and much more. Its extremely small shape does not affect all kinds of people's activities, and people's travel will become more convenient and simple. It also works as a projector when people want to watch movies. Only you can see this screen, and people are free to choose whether others can see this screen. It got rid of the ponderous appearance of the past and became more compact and convenient. Most importantly, it allows people to see the virtual and real worlds at the same time, allowing virtual reality and the real world to coexist. This eliminates the potential security risks that can arise when people can't see the real world, allowing people to use it anytime, anywhere. This is used not only in everyday life, but also in work. We have two options for the projected screen. One of them is the choice of the eyeball.According to the rotation of the eyeball, the eyeball stays in a certain application for a long time, and the application can be selected. The second is physical manipulation, when a virtual screen can be controlled by physical manipulations in front of the body.
People can make a shopping list in the virtual reality of the "second brain", and when they go to the supermarket for shopping, they can directly block the items to be bought on the screen according to the displayed world, saving you a lot of time. Time for shopping. If you want to buy a certain product, for example a low-calorie one, you don't need to check the calories of the compared product one by one, it will automatically circle on the screen where your target product is located.
When people navigate, the route map will appear directly on the screen of the "second brain", because the coexistence of virtual reality and the real world will make the directions of the route map simpler and clearer, and there will be no disorientation.
The iris will become a new QR code for everyone, it is the identification of everyone's identity, and it will be linked to everyone's virtual account. The second brain has a scanning function.When you need to pay, you only need to scan the iris of the other side's eye to determine the amount, and then you can pay.
He is everywhere in people's lives.The human brain controls people's thinking and behavior, and we use this portable device to monitor and control people's external behavior, which is why we call it the "second brain".
76 years ago, in 1946, the world's first electron tube computer appeared in the world, which was very large, slow in computing, consumed a lot of energy and could not work for too long, and was used mainly for scientific computing. . But it's still one of the greatest and most remarkable technologies of the twentieth century. Transistor computers appeared from 1958 to 1964, which were smaller in size, with less power consumption and faster in operation, and were gradually used in industrial management. From 1965 to 1970, the third generation of computers appeared, that is, small and medium-sized integrated computers. At that time, computers gradually turned into a huge modern industry. Since 1971, the fourth generation of computers has appeared, which are an ordinary computer in our daily life and are widely used in everyone's daily life. In just 76 years, from zero to perfect development in all aspects, it can be seen that the speed of development of science and technology and the speed of updating technological products is very high. Even the first mobile phone was released in 1973, and today in the 21st century 5G networks have appeared and continue to spread. Therefore, we have grounds and reasons to believe that with the continuous development of society, in the world in 80 years, whether from the point of view of technological level or technical support, there is a high probability of the appearance of "smart" products.
"There is no better, there is only the best." In some cases, computers are a bit bulky and not very portable. It is difficult to read the text clearly on a small mobile phone screen. And with the increasing frequency of people using mobile phones and computers, there are more and more "crooked heads", which does not contribute to the health of the cervical spine and vision. With the increasing speed of social development and economic development, people are paying more and more attention to health, so there is an urgent need for a "smarter and healthier" product.
People have been constantly striving for a more efficient way of life and work, and the "second brain" has more advantages than mobile phones and computers in terms of functionality and convenience.
There are two ways to charge the "second brain". One of them is solar charging, a type of renewable energy that promises to be the main choice for future energy use. It can charge it anytime and anywhere outdoors as long as there is sunlight. Secondly, it is a wireless charging technology based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.The advantage of this type of technology is that people can directly get rid of the data cable and avoid damage to the charging port to the greatest extent. These two charging methods are more efficient and safer than traditional charging using data lines. In a rapidly developing modern society, safety and efficiency are always the first factors that developers pay attention to.
In 2100, the price of this product will not be too high or too low, but it will be accepted by most people and will become an integral part of people's lives, just like when mobile phones first appeared in the world, it was a rarity, today almost everyone has their own mobile phone. Similarly, the prices of our products will be the same as mobile phones, computers and other digital goods for modern people.It is impossible to have them all, but they will not be a deficit.In the year 2100, the "second brain" of society will still be very impressive in popularity.