Author: Объединенная команда/United team

Our team "YX" was formed from two separate teams - the X team and the Y team.
Team X - Vitaly Chernyshov (captain), Alya Gataulina.
Team U - Arseniy Nechushkin (captain), Ivan Gulyaev.
The mission of our teams is to identify and create possible conditions, moments that can happen in the future (2030, 2050, 2100).
Team X came up with negative conditions (Explosion of the Sun, global warming, etc.).
The Y team came up with conditions of a positive nature (the UN adopted a resolution that it would financially support scientists who deal with environmental problems).
As a result of the day, the teams worked successfully, despite the fact that they had not yet been united into a common team.
On this day, we worked as an already united team called the “UH” team. Members: Vitaly Chernyshov (captain), Alya Gataulina (designer), Arseniy Nichushin (chronicler), Ivan Gulyaev (analyst).
We also continued to do the same work as on February 6, but already as a united team. We were also given the opportunity to speak with other teams, on the topic “What future do we want to see” in our report, we had to consider the positive and negative options that may come in the future.
Here we are faced with a number of difficulties. Firstly, there was little time to draw up the project, there was one day left before the final defense. Secondly, there was no general idea of how the project should look like. As a result, we came out that day only with the concept of what we want to show.
Then we continued to work on the project.

On this day, we should have already fully performed, since there was still time to finalize the project. We were all worried because it was difficult to perform what we had done in one day.
As a result, when the day of the speech came, we had a technical problem with the presentation file, as a result, we were not the first, but in the middle.

Thus, we can say that the team coped with the tasks with a bang, everyone became friends, there were no conflicts, despite the difficulties, we coped. Yes, it was a difficult task. but it is precisely such difficulties that unite us.
  We were also very well supported by the organizers, in particular Ageev Alexander Ivanovich, who constantly emphasized that our team is special, important and unique, which greatly blew our team spirit. Irina Lvovna Osokina also helped to rally ours.