Competition «Horizon-2100»'22 - RESULTS

The main purpose of the Competition is to motivate thinking youth from different countries with an active lifestyle to carry out a creative search for scientific, scientific-practical ideas, hypotheses, and sci-fi ideas about the distant future; identify the best gifted and active young people who are passionate and capable of scientific creativity, analysis and forecasting of the future.


The International Youth Competition "Horizon 2100"'22 is a competition of scientific and science fiction works in which young people aged 16 to 26 years of any nationality, ethnic groups and peoples from different countries present their vision of the future at the turn of 2100. The competition has been held since 2019 and during this time has involved more than 1,000 smart creative young people from 55 countries who are passionate about the future, and in general, including experts and participants of forums and various sessions, the project has covered more than 1,200 people from 63 countries.

The choice of the horizon of research, study, modeling and management of the future at the level of 2100 is not accidental. The youth, being the main generator of change, represents the foreseeable future by itself and it is up to them to shape the subsequent scenarios of its development.

The competition was announced on October 1. The results were summed up on December XX.

This year, the organization's website, in particular, in the section about the competition, was visited by 33459 people. Of these: Russia – 22753 visitors, other countries: 10706 visitors. Total – 45494 visits. Moreover, the visitors were from 135 countries of the world.

The working languages of project is Russian and English.


Competition is carried out according to the following profile directions:


A total of 778 people registered for participation in the competition - schoolchildren, students and young people from 37 countries, including Russia: from 66 regions.

459 people took part in the competition, among them - 23 participants of previous years, in total works (including co-authorship) - 424:

- 166 works - for the nomination scientific vision of the future at the turn of 2100;
- 258 works - science fiction works about the future at the turn of 2100.

318 works were accepted for the competition. The rest of the works were not admitted to the competition due to inconsistency with the goals and topics of the competition or the rules for submitting an application, as well as the presence of plagiarism.

For 2022, representatives of 42 countries took part in the HORIZON 2100 project as project participants, experts, jury members and organizers.

Participants from Russia are representatives of 56 regions.

The works accepted for the competition were distributed according to the profile areas as follows:

• Man of the future - 104 works
• The future of society - 51 works
• The Future of the Global World - 44 works
• The future of science - 27 papers
• The future of technology - 81 works
• The future of the Russian and world economy - 14 works
• The future of the environment and sustainable development - 39 works
• Energy of the future - 24 works
• The future of human habitat - 40 works

More clearly, the choice of directions looks graphically (diagram):

An analysis of the ages of the authors of the works was also carried out:

The average age of the participants is 19 years old. Among the participants who submitted more papers - 20 years.

Word frequencies were calculated:



Russia, Chairman of the organizing committee of the HORIZON 2100 project, author and developer of the project, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Chairman of the Council of the Center for Modeling the Future, Deputy of the Moscow City Duma of the 2nd convocation


Russia, Chairman of the International Jury of the competition "HORIZON 2100", Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Control Problems named after. V.A.Trapeznikova of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Moscow Aviation Institute - National Research University, First Vice-President of the International Academy for Future Studies.


Italy, Co-Chairman of the International Jury of the HORIZON 2100 Competition, Doctor of Sociology, Professor at the University of Trieste, founder of the International Institute for European Studies (IUIES), co-founder of the International Academy for Future Studies, Editor-in-Chief of the journal FUTURIBILI.


Lebanon-Russia, co-chair of the International Jury of the competition "HORIZON 2100", academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, President of the Open University of the Dialogue of Civilizations.


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