International youth competition of scientific and creative works «Horizon-2100»'23

- Scientific understanding of consciousness, thinking, intelligence and reason. Development of areas of knowledge about knowledge, methods of thinking about thinking. Improving our approaches to improvement. The use of cybernetics and a systematic approach for the development of intelligent systems.

- Strengthening intelligence, using external tools for thinking (exocortex), methods of hybrid intelligence (human + AI). Technical means to enhance intelligence (pharmaceuticals, effects on the brain, implantation of chips).

- Collective intelligence. Improving the efficiency of groups, organizations, and communities. Building hybrid organizations that include humans, cyborgs, robots, and AI. Methods of management, consulting, knowledge management. Corporations as an artificial intelligence aimed at profit. The complexities of regulating corporations and AI.

- Superhuman intelligence. Animal intelligence, interspecific communication, animal upgrade.

- System model of intelligence. Subpersonalities in humans, transpersonal (collective structures), the prospect of forming a single planetary mind ("noosphere").

- Trajectories of personal development. Increasing intelligence with age (psychology of growing up). Personal strategies for developing and enhancing intelligence. Strategies for the formation of transhumans and posthumans.

- Machine intelligence. Scenarios for the development of artificial intelligence in terms of its application, the reliance of developers on the understanding of intelligence. Co-evolution of man and machine. Prospects and difficulties of AI implementation in the economy, society.