Alexander Laveikin

Russia, Soviet cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR No. 61. He graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, worked as a test cosmonaut instructor in the cosmonaut detachment from 1978 to 1994, and was a colonel in the reserve. He made his first space flight on February 6, 1987 to the Mir orbital station as a flight engineer of the Soyuz TM-2 spacecraft. The total duration of the flight was 174 days, 3 hours, 25 minutes and 56 seconds. During his stay at the station, he took part in experiments on near and far space exploration, in biological and medical experiments, went into outer space three times, where he spent a total of 8 hours and 48 minutes. Currently, he is the Deputy director of the Moscow State Cultural Institution "Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics" in Moscow.