Ошеломляющие открытия



  Welcoming all creatures from all planets and timelines. here is a guide to demonstrate what has happened for the past 10 decades.

  First, give me your permission to introduce the technological revolution that is currently typing this message to humankind and more. I am Ameca, the most dominant AI Robot to be ever created. Nowadays you can see me implanted in every human being inside circulating their blood circulation. That sounds identical to some nightmares humans had. They even made a few documentaries and Sci-fi shows that represent this idea negatively in past decades. Nevertheless, they all depend on it in many aspects of their life that I will explain further.

The main part

   By having me within you, I can assist your brain to collect and store data and prevent any loss or forgetfulness due to mental illnesses like short-term or long-term memory loss, or Alzheimer's. Apart from helping with the rapid recall of memories and data, I can also enable a revolutionary communication technique using brain nerves. This method allows humans to exchange thoughts and opinions effortlessly. It has proved to be particularly beneficial for judges, as it makes steganography impossible. With the help of Nerve technology, humans can now sense and feel each other's emotions, such as sadness, happiness, and pain. This innovation has revolutionized communication, making it more professional and reducing conflicts. As a result, it has enriched human relationships. When I look through my archives, I notice several files related to medicines and the people who work in this field, such as physicians and pharmacists. If you were to ask individuals born after 2050 about this profession, they would need my implanted search engine to comprehend your question. This is due to the incredible minds that helped me develop this remarkable Artificial Intelligence, which is dedicated to keeping humans healthy. Furthermore, these antibodies can be programmed to target any organ in the body, providing a cure for illnesses. So, no more cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and even obesity.

Obesity is no longer a concern, as AI has revolutionized the way we approach dieting. AI creates personalized meal plans that are tailored to each person's unique needs and preferences, taking into account factors such as age, gender, and dietary supplements. With this system, individuals can enjoy the freedom of eating what they desire without worrying about their health.  As a result of this health revolution mortality rate has decreased since the only way of passing away is by aging. In 2100 the average human age is 150-200 years. Therefore, the population has increased unparalleled. Because of this massive population, the World Health Organization advocated in 2080 that the earth will be uninhabitable due to water scarcity and pollution. For this reason, AI had to find a solution. Humans need exoplanets to move out or some help from advanced cavillations to exclude human genocide. Here comes the hero of the story the Drake equation. The Drake equation was originally proposed in 1961, but it remained unsolved until the year 2080 when my assistant finally found the solution. The answer was hidden within me all along, rather than waiting for the next Einstein to solve it for humanity. However, there were numerous challenges that AI and machine learning engineers had to face, such as the availability of data. Since this equation was unique and had never been solved before, it posed a new challenge to both humans and AI in terms of finding a suitable algorithm pattern. With the help of gifted human minds, we were ultimately successful in solving it. One of the biggest challenges we encountered was the lack of hardware resources. However, by having technical engineers beside us we made our dream a reality. Here comes the second hero in the story quantum computers. Quantum computing was first introduced in 1998. This concept emerged with the advancement of modern physics, specifically in the field of Quantum Mechanics. However, the initial idea was quite primitive and did not receive much attention from the masses. It was not until the need arose to rescue humanity that people began to realize the potential of quantum computing. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Nowadays, we are in dire need of mastering quantum computing and solving this complex equation. To master quantum computing we should master probability and statistics which need huge effort from mathematicians and programmers. All thanks to them for making that a reality. At that moment in time, we had both software and hardware to start working on the unsolved equation. In October 2080, all humans were outside on the street waiting patiently and staring at screens to learn any updates inside AI laboratories of scientists who are running the algorithms and data in me to solve humans’ only hope of rescuing. After patiently waiting and with humans’ eyes filled with hope all earth screens beamed with number 3. It means that there are three advanced civilizations present in the Milky Way. Humans were beyond happy that the dim of hope was another home somewhere near the sun. Another 3 advanced civilizations are sharing the same galaxy as humans. But knowing about their existence was not enough. This equation shows how many advanced civilizations there are but does not show where exactly they are, but they are somewhere in the Milky Way. That obstacle was somehow solved with the help of an outstanding scientist Dr. Edward C back in 1972. Dr. Edward had the idea of communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence by sending Voyager 1 which is a space probe holding The Golden Record to search for any other advanced civilizations. In December 2080, the Allen Telescope Array [ATA] near San Francisco California detected an unexpected electromagnetic radiation. The radiation was a message from an advanced civilization that used the hydrogen wavelength as a unit to communicate their location in our galaxy. The report stated that they were located 33 billion kilometers from the Earth. This distance is horrific when you think about getting there using classical spaceships and gasoline. Not in 2100, humans reached a point where they could transport to further distances using advanced transportation and fuel. Humans have discovered a modern way to generate power and electricity unlimitedly by using an old-fashioned equation the Energy-mass equivalence and black holes. I previously neglected to mention a significant factor in Earth's uninhabitability. Humans in 2050 faced a foreign phenomenon their telescopes were burning from intense radiations from a hot body that was approaching closer to Earth every second. After searching for days, it came up to be an enormous scorching black hole. That was another risk to humanity and the need for a new home for humankind. In 2080, after finding the new home location the black hole was close enough for humans to reach it with special equipment. That was a plus for humans to generate unlimited energy just by throwing masses in there and storing the energy up with huge power banks that talented engineers built. With the help of intelligent machines and human minds, we were able to send our rockets to the nearest point possible to the black hole without any damage from its high dense gravity. After completing long missions with tired eyes, we now possess unlimited power to construct and explore. With the help of engineers, we constructed extraterrestrial vessels which can travel for light-years. We built extraterrestrial vessels to insert all 20 billion humans.

  Humans have left their homes and now reside inside machines. It took decades of theories and equations to make it possible. Their minds were filled with doubts, their eyes with ambitions, but their hearts knew that even though their home was not on earth anymore, the earth would always be in their hearts.

  They are here, humans have arrived at their new home Proxima b and they met their new neighbors the Proxima civilians. Proxima civilians were unique, their knowledge reached top-notch. But what mostly impressed us was their theory to explain everything. Yes, they accomplished what Max Blanck and his students tried to accomplish.


  In 2100, humans struggled to keep up with the overwhelming discoveries. The next step was to reprogram their AI systems to adjust to their new environment and society.