A look at the uncertain future of the year 2100.
Автор: Рина Присцилла Перез Винтимилла


           Today we can perceive the world as having taken an unexpected 360° turn, without imagining the consequences it has brought with it, which has affected not only one person, but the whole planet in general, from one's own thought to a feeling of emptiness. In the same way we can say that these changes not only alter our present but also our future generations. That is why our question is born What are we really doing with the world and what life is stopping us because of it? It is for this reason that this scientific article will be made known, the same that will have an integral, profound and scientific bibliographic research in relation to the future of the planet and humanity around the year 2100, from various perspectives and criteria of some authors, from a demographic to a sociological or humanist

Materials and methods:

          The methods and materials used for this research will be observation, bibliographic review of some articles or books and even empirical knowledge based on the topic raised, which provides us with substantial information for it.

          The world, like the life of each of us, is constantly changing, but today those changes are very noticeable, because of the direct involvement of some external factors about humanity and the planet, one of these and the most relevant is the influence that technology has on human beings, either in a positive or negative way, giving way to us being slaves to an advanced technology.

Therefore, we can see that this technology in the future will favor and harm humanity in the same way. In relation to the former, it will allow people to know the origins of different carcinogenic diseases, among others and even help their recovery directly. This will also allow humanity to enjoy, enjoy and have greater comforts in relation to technological appliances, which have made exceptional progress around the world. On the other hand, with regard to the latter, this factor can negatively affect humanity and the planet in general, because its progress has given way to the creation of synchronized and technology-dependent "dumb" human beings which has resulted in the existence of uninsi intelligent people, and unable to demonstrate any kind of feelings and use of any reason which has given the possibility of the emergence and use of robots, who will be in charge of replacing these people and their activities.

As itself, as a negative factor has influenced aspects such as family, so it can be seen that, in the future, especially in the year 2100 people will be so dependent on technology that we will forget everything around us, vent to our families, thus understanding that everyone will live in their world and be a slave to their own technology as mentioned before.

According to the author (Perez, 2010, p. 9) she suggests that "technology has been the one who has been marking the development of the human being from the moment we were born and it is the family that establishes the respective rules for its use" that is, if from the beginning we do not take a look at everything that affects us and surrounds us , in the future we will be regretting it.

Similarly, in the aforementioned future, there will be no direct interactions with people, but with a digital display, thus understanding that we will have from best friends to a computer or any other type of electronic device other than even being human.

On the other hand, we have been able to perceive how the planet every day falls apart and weep constantly and we as human beings have done nothing about it, even though we have known how this adversely affects us all without exception. Some of the most visible problems we have noticed on the planet are water scarcity, little or little care for the planet, excessive pollution, and melting of glaciers from global warming.

In relation to water scarcity, people have not become aware and have wasted without thinking, on the survival of living beings in the future, on the other hand the droughts that we have caused throughout society has had a great impact, which has caused serious environmental problems. In such a way that there is some relationship with the little care of the planet since the accumulation of waste and garbage has unheard of the world in general creating a high social impact within it.

Environmental pollution as a matter of dispute in today's society has brought serious problems which will surely affect the world in the 2100s because we do nothing and let time go unhappy.

Based on the melting of glaciers after global warming as mentioned above, in the future we will be spectators of an empty and lonely planet, without any of the millions of endemic species that prevail in these places today. So too, many of the households will be submerged, lowering water due to pollution and global warming, hence these families will have to move to other places for their survival.

In the case of some species already mentioned above, they will become extinct in a certain way, due to the high influence of climate changes on them, there will be modifications or changes within their inhabitants, therefore they will have little likelihood of survival and adaptation to those changes.

Because of all of the above, there is a possibility that the planet and the whole world will have fewer years of life, fewer years of happiness, and fewer years of hope, for this reason that we must emphasize in the aforementioned aspects for the search for improvement.

According to the author (Garcia, 2010, p. 10) regarding Stephen Hawking's thinking about the years of life on the planet and humanity in general, he suggests that the time of the planet is limited to 100 years so that we can appreciate that he has a short time left of existence.

On the other hand, but not least we can point out the influence that human beings have had within the planet because it has had a direct relationship with it, which has affected the world to some degree in a reciprocal and negative way.

It is for this reason that, if we look at humanity in the year 2100, we will see a scenario full of poverty, unemployment, injustice, abandonment, and even a humanity that cares more about Hyperconsume than solidarity and love for others, thus understanding that the social classes will be the ones who excel more than the essence and humanity that characterizes each of the people.

Equally important, there will be a lot of people, without feelings involved, that is, selfish people who only think of their own good, taking as a priority quantity, money and luxuries more than quality as people.

In addition, we will also be able to appreciate a high degree of overpopulation, which is an interesting factor of study, because this impact affects not only humanity but also the environment, since they deteriorate the planet with the construction of works in rural areas turning them into urban and the massive felling of trees for the benefit of them , as well as the excessive pressure for resource control.

It is for that "the land has had a very advanced growth limit a clear example is given in 1950, when there were 86 cities in the world with a population of more than one million; Today there are 400 and, as of 2050, there will be more than one million people who once existed, in fact, cities will absorb about two-thirds of the global population explosion and there will be accelerated population growth" (Davis [2014], 4).

On the other hand, in the future we will be spectators of how populated cities become abandoned cities or also known as ghost cities and we can even see them disappear in their entirety, knowing that the only thing that will prevail in those moments are the old memories of what we one-day call city. It is for this reason that some parts and even continents that are present in the world today will be wiped out in the whole leaving a vacuum in the future of 2100, giving way for the world to change its structure and nuance.

Likewise, at this time you will be able to see very high levels of solar radiation (temperature), which will directly affect the health of people and everything around them. However, according to research by the (OMS, 2018, p. 16) they understand that "that a high level of solar radiation on humanity increases to 78% mortality or incidence of skin cancer" which will affect the future.

However, this natural phenomenon could disappear permanently if nature has not been taken care of from an early period, that is, the day will last a few hours due to the wear and tear of this natural phenomenon, which the future will be considered as an area of darkness. Therefore, the colors of Mother Nature and the sky will lose their essence due to environmental problems.

From another perspective what will affect and be a topic of discussion in the 2100 are excessive processed foods, which will give way to new diseases and mutations that can cause the death of the human being.

Another interesting topic to discuss in the future is individualism, because there will be people who will have to pay for the air to breathe, since the level of selfishness of humanity will be very high and there will even be chemicals or breathing apparatus that allow to perform the aforementioned action.

It is also important to emphasize that the planet and humanity, being influenced by all the factors mentioned above, will have the negative consequence of social, economic and health problems which affects their population. And it will be the future generations who cannot enjoy, the wonders that the planet gives us today.

Because of the misconceptions that we people have had about the planet and its due care, we have been the cause of an air in the future, which is not of good quality and affects our well-being both own and collective. So also by having a closed thought about the world and its prevalence we never had a vision of its care as we believed that the world and water would never end, which in the future is the sad reality. Therefore, we will stay far from our memories.

Although science does not have an accurate response to the problems of the future year 2100, it will be able to create medicines to combat aging, modify the fetuses within the mother's womb, and even intervene in other diseases, as mentioned above, i.e. there will be more advanced and effective medicines, to deal with health problems, but not environmental problems due to the high demand for industries.

          The distant future of 2100 is one of the scenarios, where the harsh reality is the consequence, of the poor care of the planet and humanity today, due to that there will be so many drastic changes that we never imagine, and there will even be a very exuberant technology, which will directly dominate humanity even this will be able to replace the feelings that human beings possess giving way to having inert human beings and a planet full of faulty expectations. That is why the scenario that awaits us ahead is very hidden and different from today, that is, we will not enjoy everything that surrounds us today, we will be a humanity full of change and slaves of them without a shred of happiness.

            Thus we come to a conclusion that, despite having a very advanced world, we will be alone, without oxygen, without water, without friends, without families, without birds and above all without a horizon where there is a hope that we can return time back and repair all the damage we have done to the planet and to humanity.
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