Прошлое, настоящее и будущее переплетены
Автор: Lizeth Paola Tapia Salazar

You remember, when you walked away from your planet several years ago.

I remember all of us together enjoying nature, exorbitant landscapes, manicured fields, forests, lakes and seas, which could be enjoyed without fear. Now, everything has changed, we don't leave home because we don't trust the monster that we ourselves created, the planet is destroying us, product of our own activities, the animals are becoming more and more uncontrollable, they shoot diseases everywhere, it's our fault, for taking them out of their habitats and feeding us from them, without thinking that they are already affected and infected by us humans. However, I think, did we ever think and imagine that something like this would happen? I think not, because we would have stopped cutting down trees, we would have stopped polluting water, we would have stopped being so lethal to the Earth that took us in.

Now our planet, my Earth, rotates but with the only objective to recover, even if it has to annihilate us to save itself, they warned us to stop, to change, to become defenders of nature and we did not pay attention, we never pay attention if they do not attack us, and in spite of that we still think that the objective is to save ourselves when it is not like that, we must save ourselves and also our beloved Earth.

Now our planet, my Earth, rotates but with the only objective to recover, even if it has to annihilate us to save itself, they warned us to stop, to change, to become defenders of nature and we did not pay attention, we never pay attention if they do not attack us, and in spite of that we still think that the objective is to save ourselves when it is not like that, we must save ourselves and also our beloved Earth.

I can imagine a future, all desert, no trees, no green meadows, all land, no animals, fighting for water because it has either dried up or is contaminated with large amounts of metals, for not paying attention, for not stopping. I look out my window, the only safe place I have now, and I watch my neighbors without food because there is no more work, and, how to work when there is no food but canned food, when the priority, has become to fight for drops of vital liquid, everyone warned us, the next war will not be for money but for water and we laughed thinking that it was a good joke, wow, what irony. It is not the only problem we now have, I told you, the air has also become toxic, industrial activity never stopped, every time the companies produced more and more harmful particulate matter, and you may ask yourself how this happened, because nobody wanted to invest in the environment, it seemed banal to them, they increased the working hours because they did not lose money and therefore the gas emissions, which when accumulating in the atmosphere became a real time bomb.



Let's recapitulate

We had the opportunity to improve, we didn't, we had ideas and they were good, we thought about clean energy, companies focused on environmental preservation, governments should invest more to preserve resources, avoid at all costs the loss of wastelands, of wetlands since they were our real source of water, In spite of this, reforestation initiatives were proposed with species that only damaged the soil. Pine and eucalyptus were planted in protected areas, in desert areas that turned the pH of the soil acidic, which with its deep roots dried up the little water that remained, but did not provide alternatives with native species. In order to increase the purchasing power of the big bosses, extensive areas of forest were cut down or harmful species were planted in order to sell their wood. They did not see the alternative, to invest in tourism with an education that does not harm those beautiful landscapes, where transport is by foot and not by car or boat. In spite of this, the problem was not the ideas, the problem was the education of the population where garbage reigned, where they saw nothing else but their well-being and enjoyment, I am sure that if they had been instructed to avoid throwing garbage, to enjoy without harming or contaminating, nothing would have happened, We had to start by investing in environmental education, continue with the innovative ideas of clean energy, using them in companies, even if they had to sacrifice a great deal of capital, always thinking that this would help save the planet, We damaged natural parks, all to get some oil to help us survive and when the crisis began and the oil was not worth, we left, down, we would have focused on tourism based on good natural preservation, we would have increased the export of products where the basis was the preservation of soil using conservationist practices with rotating crops that provide different nutrients to the resource, but we did not, we chose the easiest option, take advantage of the planet for our benefit and now that we are paying the consequences we regret, but it is too late, we do not have time

If we could go back to the past knowing what is going to happen, I am sure we would have fought and not let the pollution reach such a point that the rays now burn, that our only protection now is that thick layer of noxious gas that reigns over the atmosphere, making it question which of the two is worse, A burning sun or toxic air, on a planet where the water is drying up, where everything is desolate and the population is slowly running out, scientists cannot help us, they cannot rebuild ecosystems that we exterminate, destroy ourselves, destroy the planet that gave us so much, we reach the end point, the end of life.

If it had been different now we would be enjoying nature, if more had been done for the planet avoiding so many emissions that destroyed the ozone layer, not only product of the industrial activity but also of our daily actions, I think we would be enjoying what life gave us.  

I imagine a different scenario, where we put the welfare of the planet over the economic, invested in education, now before producing garbage, we produce ideas for reuse, recycled to the minimum of the tires, obtained the rubber, wires, batteries, metal was melted and gave new uses, organic matter was produced compost, glass was made crafts, everything was replaced by biodegradable products. In the industrial sector, all the companies bet on clean energy that reduced greenhouse gas emissions, in the cities the use of cars that run on clean energy was encouraged and those that did not have the resources simply became pedestrians. In each house there were terraces cultivated with organic products for their food and those who did not have that kind of space simply had masts with products that were going to be their food. Also the idea of tourism changed notably, those who traveled left the car at the terminal and simply walked because now they cared more about nature. In natural parks and reserves, intervention was reduced because they only went as far as the road allowed them, there were no longer any boats or launches, only canoes. Everything changed and it was for the better, now we can go out and breathe clean air, we don't need to have the car anymore because all the food is at home, now we all walk, we exercise, we are in shape, we don't have any reason to get fat anymore.

We can go out at short distances and find crystal clear water in canals, rivers or lakes, now there is life everywhere, children run around without fear of being run over, there are green fields, leafy trees and people smiling everywhere, we realized that poverty was not the fault of the government, but it was our fault for not seeing beyond our comfort point.

It was a hard change at the beginning because we had to transform even our way of thinking and it became more difficult because of the resistance to the new dispositions that had to be obeyed, however, those who had the power did not give up and imposed this new way of life that brought us joy and happiness, the problem was not the planet, the problem was us who did not want to change.

Now I look out my window and observe the clear sky, the people walking around with a smile on their face, enjoying a walk with their family, the neighbors sitting in their gardens enjoying what nature has to offer, now the atmosphere is cleaner, there are no more gases that harm us, nor us harming the planet, now we can say that life is life.